Tuesday, September 06, 2005

today hasn't been bad, just long.

i caught up on property reading...only to now have reading due for thursday. darn...at least i showed up having finished all my work. although, it took all my powers to not start laughing hysterically. we've been reading lots of cases about coke...we discussed one in contracts today, and another one in property. granted, the coke they're talking about isn't cocaine, but rather the stuff made from coal that is needed to smelt metal.

but, think about it. one case was about a company contracting for nine truckloads of coke to come in every day, at the price of just about a buck a ton. [imagine how much crack you could make with that, and how much it would sell for!] the other case was for someone asking for an injunction for a coke plant to stop functioning because the coke smoke was a nuisance.

truckloads of coke? coke smoke? sounds like a day worthy of drug dealer alley.

i was trying to force myself to stop laughing, becuase it was making me laugh so much. i was cracking up in the front of property class, i bet my prof thinks i'm nuts or something. who knew processed coal could be so hilarious??

other than that, today was pretty uneventful. i'm kind of annoyed...i had a meeting with my writing prof at noon today until 12:30 to discuss my memo. the PAD meeting was supposed to be from 12 to 1. i went to the room after my writing memo meeting, and there was no one in there, no sign of a meeting. that confused me. i emailed the person in charge, a 2L who i know...i wonder what happened.

i didn't eat a real meal today, so i was kind of dizzy when i got home. i had some crackers a few hours ago, when i got home from class, but i should probably make some substantive dinner today. dinner would be good.

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