Friday, September 09, 2005

thank goodness it's friday.

i've had so few thoughts of substance this week, and therefore i've made no posts of real substance in a few days. i've been doing a lot of reading, a lot of work...but that's really about it. i did go out last night, which was nice. i got my homework done, and then a bunch of us went out for some drinks at Llywellyn's. it was nice to just go out and hang out with people...i think law school is making me antisocial. i go to school, i go to class, i have my classes, i get on the shuttle, i go home, and i do my work. i think everyone, or darn near everyone, studies at the library, or somewhere on campus. i generally can't do that...a few hours here or there if i'm waiting for the boy to get out of class, maybe, but i just feel a lot more comfortable studying at home. i like sitting on the couch and reading.

today should be an awesome day if i survive until 12:30 or so, though. i'm in torts now...i've got writing, contracts, and a most-likely-pointless meeting with the dean of student services (basically, them checking on all the 1L's to make sure we're not about to die, and they're not doing anything overtly to make our lives suck...). then i'm going home, napping or watching bad TV for a couple hours ('cause i'm actually caught up to monday on my work...YAYYYYYY!!!!!! me now responsble is!!!!!), and going back to school for happy hour at 4. i heart happy free beer can't be wrong. after happy hour, i'll probably go home, make up some dinner, and chill for a few hours.

then, one of my best friends is coming into town. he gets into the airport a little before 11pm. i'll meet him there, and then we're going to hit the delmar loop and do what we do best: drink some beer. that's going to be so much fun, i haven't seen him since he moved to madison back in june. tomomrrow we're going to the cardinals game, and hopefully the budweiser brewery as well.

tomorrow my boyfriend also has his mock trial tryout. hopefully he'll do really well, because i want him to make trial team. and, hopefully, i'll get to see his tryout. that would be fun.

once a mock nerd, always a mock nerd.

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