Sunday, September 25, 2005

i've had a fun last couple of days.

thursday night, i went to a concert with chris. i had not been to a show in way too was my first show since last october when i saw inept at the transmission gallery. this time, it was escape from earth at off broadway. it was a good concert venue...very weird in the sense that you sat down at tables during the shows, but nice in the sense that it had a really comfy feel to it, and that it was a small venue, in the family of bar-with-a-stage-in-the-corner type places.

before the show, it was great...i ran into escape from earth. they had gotten a couple of new members...christopher and paul weren't there anymore, and mike and scotty had joined. i saw andy and chris, the members i knew, chilled out with them for a while...caught up on things...i missed those guys. they're sweethearts.

the concert itself was very strange, before escape from earth came on. escape from earth is a rock band. the first two acts to play were country acts. the first was a local band called the round-ups. they were country, with a bit of fifties rock peppered in there. they were absolutely hilarious. they were clearly nine people (yes, NINE...biggest band i've ever seen) who were having a lot of fun singing amusing stuff. i'm not generally a big country fan, but i'd go see them again. they were awesome...chris and i had a blast during their set.

after them, scott h. biram played. he was...special. he was definitely a country act, but with occasional flashes of metal riffs and screaming thrown in there. he started his act by referencing wesley willis, which amused me a lot...and clued me in to how absolutely weird he was. i don't really think he was quite the good kind of weird...his shtick got old about a quarter of the way through the set. he was funny for a while, and then i just got the feeling that i had to have drank way more than the two beers that i had consumed in order to actually enjoy what was going on. there were a ton of rabid fans in the audience, amused by the entire thing, rocking along to it...but chris and i both got a bit bored with it after a while.

after them, escape from earth finally came on. it was so sad...a lot of the people there were country people, there to see scott biram and maybe the round-ups...i was one of probably three or four people who was actually there to see efe. their show was a blast...they played a lot of their heavier songs, and their new songs (at least live) seem to have a punkier edge that i really enjoy. but, i was sad because there was no one else there to mosh with...i would have gotten up out of my seat in order to jump around and bang my head, but no one else there was into doing that. i missed being at the metro, having a thousand other people around me who knew every word, as opposed to being in this bar in st. louis where maybe one or two other people there knew every word. still, i loved being there, i loved the fact that the music removed me from everyone and everything around me. i loved the fact that they added "one thing or another", my favourite song of theirs, to the setlist just for me. i really enjoyed their punk rock reworking of "without" (the CONSUMMATE cigarette lighter ballad), and can't wait to see how it's received the first time they play it at the metro. i think there will be a lot of confused fans...but it's a welcome change. although they didn't play it thursday night, i think one ballad like that, "beautiful", would be enough for a set.

after the show, we hung around a second so i could chat with them once more, congratulate them, and say goodnight. seeing them just made me so neck hurt a bit the next day from headbanging, but i didn't care. chris made fun of me for headbanging and acting stupid during their set...he can keep making fun of me for that all he wants, because that's just nicky at a concert. :)

friday was definitely less eventful. i had one class, contracts, which i actually convinced myself to attend. the afternoon and evening were lazy...the only thing i really did was go to happy hour. it was down at alumni house, which was uncomfortably close to the south 40 (the south 40 is the 40 acres south of campus, which is covered in undergrad dorms) and all the squeaking undergrads thronging from their dorms to WILD, the free lil' jon concert on campus. none of them invaded happy hour, though, so that was nice.

yesterday was awesome. the criminal law society had a float trip. i knew some of the people on the trip, i didn't know a lot of the people on the trip (it was mostly 2L's and 3L's). it was a complete blast. we met up at school around 8:30 to drive down was a little over an hour away, down the meramec river, in the middle of nowhere. there's really not much to say other than it was an afternoon full of drunken awesomeness. they drove us upriver on a school bus, gave us our rafts, and then we just spent the rest of the afternoon on our rafts, floating down to where we started. we brought several coolers of beer and other alcoholic libations...and it's pretty amazing how much the eleven of us managed to put away. i'm surprised no one drowned. :) it was just so relaxing...having an entire afternoon to meet some new people, not have to worry about school or anything else, and go on my first float trip since the summer of 2002. i got pretty sunburned, and i was completely out of it the rest of the night with the combination of getting up so early and getting so drunk, but that was no big deal. i feel fine today, the day that i actually have to do work.

i've done some work already today...i've read my case for torts, and one of my two contracts cases. i still have to read the second contracts case, and then type up my legal research assignment that i did on tuesday. i should get everything done at a reaonable hour--hopefully even before chris gets out of trial team practice. i should also get started on work for later this week, but who knows if that's going to happen. i seriously doubt it.

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