Sunday, September 18, 2005

i'm procrastinating from writing my memo.

this weekend has been nice, so far. friday night, i played poker...ended up down four bucks, which is really no biggie...played for five hours, and that's even less than i spent in dealer tips for won pots. i'll take it. i won a lot of big pots, i lost a lot of big pots...i just had a lot of playable hands. it was strangely fun not to sit and watch most of the night, as usually happens in limit poker. although i was playing more hands than usual, just because i got good ones, i still was playing tighter than anyone at the table. there were so many calling stations...which cut into my profits becasue they would basically call and call and call with any two cards, and no matter how good my cards were, there would way too many times be one of the six or seven or eight people seeing the flop who had something better. grrr.

yesterday rocked...hung out with hilary most of the day. we spent forever chatting over lunch, and then went bowling. that was awesome...i hadn't been bowling in forever. then, we played a game of settlers of catan with chris. i was so amazingly excited to find out that hilary played settlers--i hadn't played the game since i was back in chicago. she had the seafarers expansion, so we played it with was lots of fun, although i still hadn't quite assimilated the workings of the seafaring, so i got my butt absolutely kicked. so good to play that game again, though...

after that, i hung around at home for a while and then went for sushi and ice cream with the boy. :) the sushi was so good last night...i had the best piece of mackerel ever. it was all kinds of yummy.

today, i've done so much nothing. that is bad, as i have a memo due tomorrow. i was just so sluggish all day today. i have my memo outlined out, and my outlines are so detailed that the papers just kind of write themselves...but i write a few lines, and then surf the web...and write a few lines, and then surf the web. i need to do less websurfing and more memo writing, lest i be up until 3 am. we'll see if that happens.

i'd really love not to have a headache anymore. it's been dogging me for a couple hours, and the advil isn't helping. it's really annoying me, and making it harder to write my memo.

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