Tuesday, September 27, 2005

i should be working on my homework right now, but i can't pay attention to it. i have already had two classes today, and i did reading in the middle of them...and then, from 12 to 1, i took a break in the form of going to a public service roundtable. it was actually pretty funny, Bill Dorothy (one of the legal writing profs) had some funny stories to tell about different pro bono cases he took while being a lawyer. i think, even more amusing, was the fact that he spent a lot of time discussing how much hard work trying cases is, and how much he loves not practicing law now--he's on the boards for employment connection and the local aclu, and teaching legal writing...and has sworn off practicing law ever again. how's that for a message to give impressionable young law students?

i have to go upstairs soon...the kelo debate is at 2, and i want to get a good seat in the courtroom for it. it's between the lawyer who represented the homeowners, and a professor here (one of the coauthors of my property book). i read the case last week, and we're required to see the debate for our property class. that case really hacks me off...it's way too much of a stretch to say that allowing things like urban renewal (berman) and breaking up property ownership in a state where 96% of the property is owned by 72 people plus the government (midkiff) means that a so-called blighted city can take away avowedly non-blighted houses and give them to developers in the name of economic development. i don't blame it on the idea that constitutional law is a flawed game of telephone (in other words, i think thomas' dissent in kelo is little more than a semantic game)...i just don't think previous decisions get them all the way to--or anywhere near--this one. anyway, i'm really curious as to how professor mandelker is going to try and stand for the decision.

then, i have to get some pop to bring to professor greenfield's dinner, and go to it. i'm going to be up so late doing work tonight, since i have not finished the torts case, nor have i even had time to start my contracts reading (two cases), nor have i finished reading the packet of materials for the next memo we have to write for legal writing. that packet is a bunch of long, dense cases about wiretapping. i started reading them this morning, and my eyes glazed over.

tonight is going to suck.

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