Wednesday, September 14, 2005

hilary tagged me...

"Write 20 random facts about yourself then tag the same amount of people as minutes it takes you to write the facts. If you're tagged it's your turn."

1. i skipped fourth grade.

2. i did the costume crew for three years in high school. i joined it because the crew chief said we'd have the closest interaction with the actors...and i had a crush on one of them. it never got me anywhere with him, but it was lots and lots of fun.

3. my biggest regret is quitting piano lessons when i was 9.

4. i love coke classic and hate diet coke, but i far prefer diet pepsi to that awful regular pepsi.

5. law school is making me really boring. most days i just go home after class, study, and watch bad tv.

6. i am not a morning person. this having torts at 9am thing is really killing me.

7. i really miss competing in mock trial...i guess that's not all that random, but with another season starting up, and the law school season starting up, it's making me profoundly sad that i can't compete this year.

8. i love wearing men's sport coats, although i'm sad my favourite one has a hole in it.

9. the highest i've ever bowled is a 181.

10. i want to be a litigator. i need to find a job this summer that will take me somewhere towards that goal.

11. i feel strange actually having a goal that i honestly want to work towards...i was getting so used to apathy. apathy was like a comfy pillow, and i'm mostly glad, although a little sad, that i've had to throw it by the wayside.

12. i have 129 people on my AIM buddy list, most of whom i haven't talked to in a really long time.

13. i zone out more easily than anyone i know. this is a bad thing when i'm trying to sit through a class.

14. my favourite food is giordano's stuffed cheese pizza. it makes me sad that i can't get that whenever i want now that i'm in st. louis.

15. my homepage when i boot up mozilla is the perjuries message board.

16. i read fark religiously because i am a werid news junkie.

17. i'd love to be amy lee, except for the dating shaun morgan part. shaun morgan is an awesome singer, but he's an ugly, ugly man.

18. i'm a blog junkie...but i hate subject matter blogs, especially pretentious news blogs. but, a fun, newsy personal blog...gets me hooked every time. i have several people i've never met in real life whose blogs i read regularly, even several people i've never actually talked to.

19. this weekend, my friend said that everyone loves me because everyone wonders if they're being a little too weird...but then they meet me and realise that they're nowhere near as werid as i am.

20. i have "electra 225" by wesley willis ringing in my head.

start time: 9:02
end time: 9:13

i know, it took forever...darn you professor ellis.

alright...tag, windofderange, ataralas, cce6, foofy_attorney, bvokt, maroon1718, naughtynaughty, quotequeen, amazinggrace, mawnie86, bornofstardust.

have fun :)

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