Saturday, September 03, 2005

at dinner tonight, one moment we were laughing that ron jeremy was coming to town and doing a stand up act.

next moment, some fellow law students told us that justice rehnquist died today.

that took me aback. i mean, i knew he was going to die at some point, and some point rather soon. he was old, he was sick, he wasn't in such great shape. but, still, the idea that it might happen is still not the same as the fact of it happening.

this gives bush the chance to appoint another justice. this reinforces why election day last year was such a depressing one for me, and all of the liberals i know. this means a new chief justice...probably scalia. i know he still only gets one vote, but i don't like the symbolism of's not logical, but it's a picture of the court being pulled further to the right.

i'm praying nothing happens to stevens. i know he's old...i don't think he's sick. i hope he makes it through the rest of bush's term, him and the rest of the liberal contingent on the court. in a practical sense, i'm less shaken that it's rehnquist being replaced than one of the liberals being replaced...but can you imagine what a swing this would have been in the court if it had been kerry elected last november?

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