Sunday, August 14, 2005

tomorrow i start law school orientation. that still hasn't really sunk in yet. it really feels like orientation has already started, since i know quite a few other 1L's. i met some at the coffee hours last week and the week before, and then last night one of them had a party which was quite well-attended...probably 20 people or so. it was nice, the girl who threw the party lives on my street, so i could just walk home afterwards without having to worry about designated drivers or anything else.

today i was at least marginally roommate and i got barstools for our kitchen. that was it...i planned on doing a few other domestic things, but the afternoon devolved into many games of fluxx and watching russian roulette, who wants to be a millionaire, and poker superstars.

other than that...i can't say anything's really going on right now. i'm trying to think of something witty, or interesting, or non-stupid to say, and failing miserably. i think i'll stop here.

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