Wednesday, August 31, 2005

today is just screwy.

i've felt hung over, the nausea and the headache and the neckache, all day long. there's only one thing that's strange about this...i DID NOT DRINK LAST NIGHT!! i haven't had a beer since saturday! i feel more hung over today than i have been in forever, than i have been after a night that i've drank an ocean of beer! this is really disconcerting and annoying. it's finally fading a little, which is good, since i have so much work to do.

since i did feel so badly all afternoon, i didn't start working until about half an hour ago. (i did my torts reading...i'm now taking a *break* before i brief i ended up spending the afternoon playing online poker (the five card draw was good to me, and i finally cleared the bonus i'd been trying to clear!) and uploading tons of CD's to my iTunes. i'm now up to over a day of music, over five hundred songs, on my computer. i'm nowhere near where i want my digital music collection to be, but it is a start.

i did get my bed today. that's good. not that my room is clean, all my stuff is just shoved against the wall, but i don't care that much. i'll deal with it all this weekend, setting stuff up and washing my laundry and making my room home. the point is that i have space to walk on, and i finally have a bed to sleep on. no more having to pass out on the couch if i'm home...or having to walk, bleary-eyed, back to the boy's place at two in the morning...because he can just stay here now! i had all the other amenities that he didn't have at his place...a tv, internet access...just not a bed to sleep on. and, now, i have a bed to sleep on. :)

well, i should go back to briefing torts. torts lecture should be interesting tomorrow...the case we had to read cited my professor as a source, and one of the notes in the textbook is an excerpt of an article my prof wrote back in 1982. i have a funny feeling whoever gets picked to be his Owens-Illinois whipping person is going to be in hot water.

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