Friday, August 05, 2005

this morning i went to the incoming 1L coffee hour at wash u. it was happy...bagels, coffee, and the chance to meet some classmates.

i was also very productive this morning...i got my composite headshot done, and i got my student ID made. that means i can now prove i'm a student...i can get student discounts on stuff, and i can ride the shuttle bus whenever i need to go to campus. that reminds me...note to self, dig up my shuttle schedule. what's more, though, is that my ID picture doesn't suck. i don't look like a complete moron/tool/douchebag/insert undesirable ID photo resemblance here.

i went out last night with my boyfriend, my roomie, and some of her friends. we went to the pin-up bowl out on the delmar loop...i'd been there once before. it's an awesome bar...and they have tons of fun drinks with pretty colours! i should try not to spend all my time there lest i spend all of my money on shiny things like the "antifreeze", a cocktail with absolut vodka, blue curacao, midori, and pineapple juice. it actually looks like antifreeze, but it tastes like yummy.

as for today, i don't know what i'm doing. i want to go out, but who knows...then again, i can't believe it's 4:30 already. i've been sitting at this computer for almost five hours. yup, i suck.

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