Friday, August 26, 2005

so it begins, the final day of my first week of law school.

i am not supposed to have classes on friday until 10 am, but here i am at 9am, waiting for the torts prof to get here. we have a make up class today. i have a few minutes to write, because classes here don't start until eight minutes after the hour.

i probably should stay in town and work this weekend, but it's not going to happen. instead i'm going to kansas for the weekend. i haven't been down there in a while (not since last thanksgiving, i think!), so it should be a fun time. i'll have to set aside some time for working this weekend, but i know i'm going to have a lot of stuff to do sunday night regardless.

i'm really excited...i have a cute little calendar program. it loads on my desktop, and shows all the stuff i have to do for the next couple days. one of my classmates gave it to's really, really convenient, and i'm not going to lose it like i'd lose a pencil-and-paper assignment notebook. the only thing about it is that i can't do a tiled desktop icon behind it. that's sad, because i had a really awesome tiled desktop...and now, with this program, i can't get the icon to work properly, even centred.

well, it's not quite 9:08, but professor ellis is here, and everyone seems to have quieted down. it's time for torts, which at 9am on a friday, is a ::tort:: indeed.

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