Monday, August 15, 2005

the new mock trial case is out...and it's not as horrifically bad as the summary--or the fact that it was written by You Can't Stomach This Baloney Guy--made me think it would be. i'm disturbed by the fact that the girl who goy kidnapped is only 13, and there are a couple witnesses who i think are useless as tits on a boar hog...but overall it may not completely suck.

i just got back from a reception at the law school...i'm still in a business suit, which i can't wait to remove, but the next shuttle doesn't leave campus until 7:30. i can't play poker right now (grrr...electronic funds transfers from poker site to poker site should be instant, darn it!!!), so i'm just goofing around on the web. still, it was a good afternoon, and i met lots of my classmates. i even met some guys in my section who enjoy playing poker, so we should be setting up a game soon.

i also found out i should be getting my overage checks on my loans thursday instead of monday...YAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! that means i can buy stuff i need ever so desperately, like books and furniture and a computer, before school starts!!!!!!! that's so exciting that i can get all that stuff before school starts...i can't believe it. it's awesome.

other than that...not much going on. it's all law school, all the time, in nickyland, from now on.

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