Saturday, August 06, 2005

last night i went to the greatest used CD store ever. yes, i'm going to say what must sound like sacrilege to all of you in chicago: it's better than reckless records.

last night, my boyfriend and i went to dinner to this pizza joint on the delmar loop (st. louis pizza haus...if you ever go there, get the carnivore pizza because it's awesome!). afterwards we decide to walk up and down delmar. two doors down from the pizza joint there's a place called vintage vinyl. it looks like a used cd store, so of course i want to go in. it could only be described as an enormous, well-organized warehouse full of CD's, cassettes, and vinyl records. its selection dwarfs any other store i've ever been into. it even passed The Test: in used CD stores that delineate between rock and punk, thou shalt put taking back sunday in rock and not punk.

i was looking through the racks and racks of cheap used cd's, and a voice comes on the intercom. it was one of the employees...telling us that any of the used CD's in the $4.99 bin would be on sale for two bucks for the next twenty minutes or so. that was completely awesome...i of course went to the $4.99 rock bin and started browsing. i ended up scoring three new albums for two bucks a that's '90's kitsch: candlebox's self titled album. i got one that's awesomely bad: grade 8's self titled album...they're a random band that radio wazee got me into, they are pure push people and throw things music, in that they yell a lot. my crown jewel, though, is one that is not only '90's kitsch but also awesomely bad: 3 sides, bob guiney's album that he released after he was The includes a couple of remakes of old fat amy songs. fat amy was the band he was in back in the mid nineties--they never made it out of the local scene around east lansing, michigan, but i picked up on them over the internet and i always really, really liked them.

i swear, there's going to be a day where i'm not going to make my boyfriend put up with me, i'm just going to get on a bus and go to the delmar loop and spend all day at vintage vinyl. i won't make him go with me, because at used cd stores i get really squeaky and start jabbering and telling stories that don't make sense...he was at vintage vinyl with me yesterday, and bore with me, but he thought i was crazy. anyway, i'll probably spend way too much on cd's, but it'll be so much fun.

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