Friday, August 19, 2005

i've had so little time or inspiration to update this thing, but i have twenty minutes before my legal writing orientation...

law school orientation is going well. i'm spending most of my time just hanging out and getting to know people; i think there have been considerably more beer drinking and goofing off type events than academic events. this makes orientation a happy time.

and, i did karaoke last night. i haven't sang karaoke in forever...and they had "my immortal", a song i've wanted to sing karaoke since my third year of college but never found. apparently i was good...the people in the room liked me, and my boyfriend was impressed. :) yay for me not sucking at singing...and yay for the possibility that i may someday see him do karaoke. he wants to actually prepare for it, but he thinks we should go do karaoke sometime when we go to florida over winter break. that would be cool.

i get my student loan money today...i was supposed to get it yesterday but the morons in student accounting messed up ALL the law students' checks. i'm glad i'm getting money today so i can buy my books, my computer, etc. before school starts on monday. i also don't yet have a dresser, a desk, or a bed. this is probably bad.

off topic...funny exchange between me and my boyfriend a few days ago that i've been meaning to put in here...

(scene...i'm lying around reading Hold 'Em for Advanced Players, the boy is walking over with his copy of Small Stakes Hold 'Em)

me: "yay for reading sklansky in bed!!!"
him: "that's why i love're the only girl i know who would ever say that."

anyway...gotta go. if i keep typing this, i'm going to miss my legal writing class, and that's probably bad. this is the session where they are supposed to give me an idea of how to brief a case, and i probably want that. i have to brief several cases for monday...there are two 1L professors that are sticklers that everyone briefs every case before they go to class, and i happen to have drawn both of them.

law school is, in fact, going to kick my butt this year. whoo-hoo.

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