Thursday, August 04, 2005

i've been here in st. louis since monday. to be honest, it doesn't quite feel like i've so far feels like a really fun trip to st. louis that's been made even more fun by the fact that i don't have to agonize about having to leave town on a bus on friday or sunday or monday. i haven't spent a lot of time at my new place boxes have all arrived, and everything's piled up in my room...but i don't have any furniture yet, and won't be able to afford it until my loans come in later this month. so, i've been spending about all my time at my boyfriend's place.

i've been doing a whole lot of bumming around, really. we've gone out a few times...last night i went out with my boyfriend, my roommate, her boyfriend, and two of their friends to a random bar. that was quite fun...lots of hanging out, chatting (a lot about poker, as my roommate's boyfriend's friend plays quite a bit), and drinking of boulevard wheat. that's one awesome thing about living in missouri now...i can get boulevard beer whenever i want it. i heart boulevard beer.

tonight we're going out again, probably to a random bar in the loop, after my roommate and her boyfriend finish up at the cardinals game. that won't be for a couple hours yet, though, as the game just now started. i'll probably be bumming around on the computers until then.

i saw charlie and the chocolate factory today. it was awesome...extremely demented. i wasn't sure how much i was going to like it, but i went to it with my boyfriend...and we both laughed our heads off. johnny depp was awesome...and the movie was really, really amusing. i recommend it.

oh well...i can't think of anything good to say, so i'll shut up now.

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