Saturday, August 27, 2005

i'm being a bad student. i'm in kansas this weekend, i brought all my books...but ever since we got back from the plaza, i've been playing internet poker instead of reading. at least i'm doing well at internet poker, i've made some money this afternoon. i swear...there are few more profitable ways to spend my time than going on sporting bet (or, in today's case, one of its skins, king solomon), and playing five card draw against idiots who do not know how to play the game. you just sit, wait for good hands, and watch the cash roll in. i really wish i could play it at a higher limit than $.25/$.50...i can't wait to build a bigger bankroll so i can play a little bigger game.

don't know what i'm doing tonight...we're having dinner with my boyfriend's family (steak...always really yummy! his dad can cook.) and then hopefully going out. that depends on if any of his friends get back to him. i hope they do, because i like going out. other than that, i don't know. maybe brunch tomorrow morning, and then it's back to st. louis. and, when i'm back in st. louis, i should do my homework. actually i should do my homework here. but, i'm sure i won't. i can never make myself work when i'm out of town.

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