Tuesday, August 30, 2005

i was so tired when i got back from class today. class ended at 4pm, and i got home, cooked dinner, and ate it. i was done with that by 6pm. i tried to force myself to work then. i got my legal writing reading out of the textbook done...but then i passed out for two hours. just...gone. slept right through most of the poker on tv and everything, passed out until almost nine thirty. i'm now doing my legal writing assignment where i had to read a case, brief it, and start relating it to some facts for a memo... i've read the case, now i need to brief it.

i still have torts to do. i still have a case to read and brief for torts.

i would have contracts to do, but i think i'm doing that tomorrow, since i'm not even going to be in contracts class...since they're delivering my bed tomorrow.

that's another thing i have to do, and i'm afraid it's not getting done until i get back home from class tomorrow...cleaning my room. there sure isn't enough space on my floor open for them to come put a bed in, and there has to be by the time they get here. the furniture guys will be there between noon and 3 tomorrow. i get home at 11:45 or so after my class...rush job, anyone?!?!

i want to just ignore it all and go back to sleep. today drained me out. i'm tired.

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