Sunday, August 21, 2005

i should be doing work today. well, i have to do work today...i've got torts at 9 tomorrow, legal research at 10, and contracts at 11...and homework due in all three of those classes. but, i haven't started any of that yet. i've been surfing the web and listening to my itunes. i haven't ripped anything more to it this morning; just been too lazy to even dig up my cd's. oh well...i've got plenty of awesome stuff on it, although the shuffler on my itunes really seems to have taken an affinity to "it's over" by ditchwater and "bonus mosh part II" by taking back sunday.

the "play count" feature on itunes is mesmerizing. it doesn't mean anything yet, of course, but give it a few months, give it 'til i've added some more tunes to my computer. then it will be, as dr. c put it once, an uncomfortably deep look into my psyche. then again, i have kind of a car crash fascination with what that feature is going to tell me over the course of law school.

i downloaded some silverstein last night because i kinda like "smile in your sleep"...the rest of their stuff is more screamy...and darn, that's some good screamo. i need to dig up some more of their stuff, maybe pick up their cd because i saw it for cheap at best buy yesterday, eight or nine dollars.

i can't freaking get thunderbird to download my mail to my computer. i set it up, i double checked all the server names, i know i did it correctly, but i can't find where in the program i'm supposed to tell it that i need a password, or that it needs to prompt me to type in a password, in order to get into the wash u server and get my email.

i should do my homework. instead i think i'll play with my computer for just a little while longer.

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