Saturday, August 20, 2005

holy crap. i am posting this...FROM MY NEW COMPUTER!!!!! i'm so excited to finally own a computer again. my new box is's a laptop, an HP pavilion 4150. i need to do my homework for monday, but i have a funny feeling i'll just be playing on this all weekend and not want to do my homework. i'll do it tomorrow, i i'm going to play on my computer, go to the 1L party tonight, and then probably play on my new computer some more.

while i was waiting for the geek squad to finish with my computer configuration, i messed around with a nintendo DS they had on display at best buy. it had a game called nintendogs...i want a nintendo DS, and i want nintendogs. i think i finally understand the whole virtual pet thing...nintendogs was so sweet. you could pet the dogs, and play with toys, and throw's way more amusing than it should be. it's just plain awesome.

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