Monday, August 22, 2005

first day of law school today was awesome. i wasn't the one who got picked on in any of my classes, although the questions weren't so scary after all. i would have enjoyed being the one picked on in either class, really.

there was some gold in my tort torts prof thought i was a guy. :) i raised my hand because he asked the class a question, and he called on "you, sir, in the back." he clarified it was "the man in the black shirt"...and the only guy back there who had his hand raised was in a pink shirt...and then it became clear he was in fact talking to me. i stand up to answer his question...and i think he then noticed that i had boobies, and corrected himself. i'm like "it's alright...happens all the time." i don't know what it is...i'm always strangely proud of when i get mistaken for a guy. it's fun.

there's another funny story from torts...or not so much a story, but a quote. we were talking about a battery case, and the following exchange ensued:

student: "he's suing him for damages received by the battery"
Prof. Ellis: "you mean he hit him with one of these??" (holds up a AA battery)

i found that way too funny.

i know i'm one day in, but so far law school is awesome.

in other news, i saw a really funny ad on TV just now. it was like a nature film, and the voice was talking about how salmon spend most of their lives in the ocean, but swim back home to the river or stream to breed. they show the salmon swimming around the river, and then they cut to a bear eating the salmon. the voice says something like "sadly, for many salmon, this is the end of the journey. but, there is good news...i just saved a lot of money on my car insurance by switching to geico!" that made me laugh so hard; i love geico ads so much.

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