Sunday, August 28, 2005

alright, i'm home for the evening but i just don't feel like going to bed yet. ended up going back out to the plaza, out to a bar. boulevard beer is yummy. :) now, i'm watching poker, sitting with the boy, and doing Random Internet Surfing. i love having my own computer again.

i know i did another meme earlier, but this one amused me. so, i did it--even though it's really freaking long.

1. Copy this whole list into your journal.
2. Bold the things that you have in common with me.
3. Whatever you don't bold, replace with things about you.
[this was taken from emily]

01. i have done five university of chicago scavhunts
02. I enjoy acting silly and childlike
03. i am a law student at washington university in st. louis
04. when i grow up i want to be a litigator
05. i have not driven a car since i was seventeen
06. i think professional football is boring
07. three pairs of my pants have writing all over them
08. i enjoy watching dogs chase ice cubes
09. i do not capitalize my name
10. sometimes my hands get cold
11. my favourite food is stuffed pizza. it makes me sad that i can't get it in st. louis.
12. i love reading poker books
13. i play poker all the time...on the internet, and in real life if i can find games
14. my favourite beer is spotted cow
15. my favourite liquor is absolut vodka
16. I love wasting time with interesting people.
17. i have more posts on than anyone else
18. i love singing karaoke
19. i love to write, but can't bring myself to write anything *highbrow*
20. i have a pessimistic streak. and by a streak, i mean that's how i generally am.
21. i have a lot to learn. i love to learn new things.
22. i find nerds really sexy
23. i think it's important to make eye contact.
24. i like to eat carbohydrates!
25. I wish I had more friends here. Also that I more consistently had the confidence, time, and ability to follow up to make them.
26. i love reading books on sex and sexuality
27. i'm a night owl
28. mock trial is life.
29. i have never seriously considered getting a tattoo.
30. i am deathly afraid of spiders
31. there are few things more wonderful than loving/feeling close to someone.
32. i write song lyrics on absolutely everything
33. i've never been to outer space!
34. i want to win a world series of poker bracelet...and if i did, it would be the only piece of jewelry i'd wear
35. i love my friends.
36. i love those milwaukee's best light ads where the men who aren't being manly get crushed by large beer cans falling from the sky
37. i enjoy watching college basketball
38. i have brain cells i never use. i'm sure.
39. I like tea.
40. i hate people who bullshit
41. i miss the local music scene in chicago
42. i will never write to please the masses
43. i have a cellphone.
44. i wish i still had time to act
45. i don't want children. they drive me nuts.
46. i seldom get the recommended 8 hours of sleep/night
47. i don't subscribe to any magazines
48. I’m dabbling, rather slowly, in guitar.
49. I hate it when I feel inarticulate.
50. the idea of going into space scares me.
51. i am bisexual
52. i have read more harlequin romance novels than i care to admit
53. i love to find money in my coat pocket.
54. I’m often hyper-critical of myself.
55. i enjoy reading.
56. i love water
57. i want to go skydiving someday
58. i want a pet dog, but not until i'm out of school and settled somewhere
59. I seek genuine connection.
60. i believe in love, and sometimes, i believe in fate.
61. i sometimes catch myself wondering why someone would love me
62. i love reading AIM away messages
63. holidays are too commercial
64. I have a rich and varied sexual past.
65. i find bill fillmaff shorts hilarious
66. i like sandwiches.
67. elitists and fundamentalists are annoying.
68. i like taking the greyhound buses
69. i own eight wesley willis albums...and i still want to buy more of them
70. sometimes i need to take a day to be completely on my own, when i don't have to speak to anybody unless i feel like it.
71. i am fiercely loyal to my friends
72. my favourite animal is the teledu
73. i am drawn to intellect and humor. and charisma and intimacy.
74. this thing is freaking long.
75. i hate when people do things just to look important.
76. pain makes me hurt.
77. I don’t understand why people who hate homosexuality can’t see that it’s bigotry, and why people who are against homosexual marriage can’t see that it’s a violation of civil rights.
78. I should be doing work right now.
79. i'm writing this from kansas
80. i need to buy furniture for my apartment
81. I like playing with words in interesting ways, and interestingly juxtaposed words such as (thanks to I think Loud Dave) “yak-fondling”
82. i don't know how i survived a year and a half without my own computer
83. penguins are completely hilarious. they amuse me lots.
84. i enjoy going on roadtrips--as long as i'm not driving
85. I miss my friends back home and wish I could spend more time with them when I was there. (back home being chicago...i can't wait to go back there.)
86. i want a nintendo DS just so i can play nintendogs
87. annoying people annoy me.
88. I need to freak out less about certain things.
89. i have a growing stack of books to read someday when i have time
90. I like how I look, but I don’t spend much time on my appearance in the morning.
91. When I’m really in the zone with singing, all is right with the world. And vice versa.
92. i wish i had an unlimited bank account.
93. but "making it" is not based on financial success
94. Writing is supercool. Writer’s block is not.
95. I love snuggling
96. I would like to have a private jet.
97. I like learning about why things are the way they are, what preconceived notions we have are false, or true, and why, etc….and also arguing back and forth about those things.
98. If Bush gets elected again, I’m probably going to ram my head against the wall a bunch of times. (or, well, i did that...and got really drunk...and cried a lot...)
99. i could never have an eating disorder because i love food and i hate throwing up
100. i love, love, love to sleep.

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