Wednesday, August 31, 2005

today is just screwy.

i've felt hung over, the nausea and the headache and the neckache, all day long. there's only one thing that's strange about this...i DID NOT DRINK LAST NIGHT!! i haven't had a beer since saturday! i feel more hung over today than i have been in forever, than i have been after a night that i've drank an ocean of beer! this is really disconcerting and annoying. it's finally fading a little, which is good, since i have so much work to do.

since i did feel so badly all afternoon, i didn't start working until about half an hour ago. (i did my torts reading...i'm now taking a *break* before i brief i ended up spending the afternoon playing online poker (the five card draw was good to me, and i finally cleared the bonus i'd been trying to clear!) and uploading tons of CD's to my iTunes. i'm now up to over a day of music, over five hundred songs, on my computer. i'm nowhere near where i want my digital music collection to be, but it is a start.

i did get my bed today. that's good. not that my room is clean, all my stuff is just shoved against the wall, but i don't care that much. i'll deal with it all this weekend, setting stuff up and washing my laundry and making my room home. the point is that i have space to walk on, and i finally have a bed to sleep on. no more having to pass out on the couch if i'm home...or having to walk, bleary-eyed, back to the boy's place at two in the morning...because he can just stay here now! i had all the other amenities that he didn't have at his place...a tv, internet access...just not a bed to sleep on. and, now, i have a bed to sleep on. :)

well, i should go back to briefing torts. torts lecture should be interesting tomorrow...the case we had to read cited my professor as a source, and one of the notes in the textbook is an excerpt of an article my prof wrote back in 1982. i have a funny feeling whoever gets picked to be his Owens-Illinois whipping person is going to be in hot water.
wow...Professor Ellis was just wearing an apron and a chef's hat. he was acting out Fisher v. Carrousel Motor Hotel, calling the person he's interrogating up to the front and jerking a plate out of her hand in different ways, asking if it's battery. the chef's outfit was insanely unnecessary, but insanely hilarious. it made it worth going to torts this morning.

i wish i had a camera.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

i was so tired when i got back from class today. class ended at 4pm, and i got home, cooked dinner, and ate it. i was done with that by 6pm. i tried to force myself to work then. i got my legal writing reading out of the textbook done...but then i passed out for two hours. just...gone. slept right through most of the poker on tv and everything, passed out until almost nine thirty. i'm now doing my legal writing assignment where i had to read a case, brief it, and start relating it to some facts for a memo... i've read the case, now i need to brief it.

i still have torts to do. i still have a case to read and brief for torts.

i would have contracts to do, but i think i'm doing that tomorrow, since i'm not even going to be in contracts class...since they're delivering my bed tomorrow.

that's another thing i have to do, and i'm afraid it's not getting done until i get back home from class my room. there sure isn't enough space on my floor open for them to come put a bed in, and there has to be by the time they get here. the furniture guys will be there between noon and 3 tomorrow. i get home at 11:45 or so after my class...rush job, anyone?!?!

i want to just ignore it all and go back to sleep. today drained me out. i'm tired.
i know this thing has been unusually overrun with memes lately. i'm going to try and stop doing that...but there have been too many lately that have amused me. and isn't that what this bloggery is all about...being self-serving and amusing myself?

i thought so.

anyway, this one's been going around a while...and, for the first time, i finally have an itunes playlist instead of picking 20 random songs that pop in my head. there's a smidgen of artist repeat because i only have about 200 songs on my playlist...but hey. it's a start.

On your current playlist, hit shuffle and pick the first twenty songs on the list (no matter how cheesy or embarrassing), and write down your favorite line of the song. Try to avoid putting the song title in the line. Then, have your friends comment and see if they know the songs. No google-cheating.

1. "we won't cry for yesterday or tomorrow...we will go on living for today"
2. "in the early morning cut her down...the pill she needs your love...forget your mother and your'll fall apart inside"
3. "it doesn't matter what i can dream away"
4. "my open eyes see everything...and you see nothing...and don't forget it"
5. "[title] [title] things have happened...goodness brings a chain reaction...liberate me from inaction"
6. "the more you give yourself away...the more it burns and breaks away"
7. "what flesh will do to'll do to me too"
8. "true love behind a wall...where men and angels fall..."
9. "whatever they called's just a name...just a name"
10. "i always felt like there was something in deep below...what i thought was nothing but a dismal day...but the day got away"
11. "i'll always let you down...yeah but i don't'll never understand...i wasted all the time in the world in your eyes"
12. "i see the way your face has changed...we're no good for each other"
13. "if shame had a face i think it would kind of look like mine"
14. "i am i am i am i am so scared...i am i am i am i am prepared...i don't even know you anymore..."
15. "talked to the city that knows me by name and all the bad things that i do"
16. "getting hurt is no way to live"
17. "there's a lot i could say...there's a lot i could do...if i had it my way...but i don't and you do"
18. "there's someone who understands you more than i do"
19. "in struggle lies evolution"
20. "world gone mad outside my window...try to buy a higher life...i don't need another thing...i will go on dreaming if you stay with me"

Monday, August 29, 2005

so, about that post earlier about wondering what meeting to go to on wednesday afternoon...

the answer is, no meeting at all. i have to be home between 12 and 3 on wednesday afternoon because they are delivering my bed.

i'll have to ditch contracts, and fill myself in on what's going on later with the organizations, but it does mean that i'm going to have somewhere comfy under my own roof for me and the boy to sleep.
i learned something about myself today while i was waiting for the bus home from school this afteroon. xenophobia, especially in the context of immigration into this country, bothers me a lot, and i actually think less of a person for being xenophobic. i see it as a form of ignorance.

i've always been very pro-immigrant, but i haven't had any conversations about the issue lately. then, today, i was talking to another guy who was waiting for the shuttle. i have all my classes with him, i chat with him on and off, and i see him on the bus sometimes. he mentioned that he noticed that he was always the only white person on the bus, and that it's always full of asians. i never notice i'm the only white person on the bus (and, there are always a gaggle of other people i have class with on the bus every morning anyway; they all happen to be white). most of the people who board the bus at my stop are asians, though, and that's probably who he sees.

anyway, he segues from that observation to mentioning to me about something he thinks is "sketchy" about Wash U's LLM program. he rants that people get into the LLM program with lower test scores than in the JD program, and then siphon into the JD program after a year. i don't know what the test scores are, but i can't say i care either way. if you've shown in the LLM program that you're up to snuff taking WU law school classes, why can't you decide to get a JD? if the school lets you, and you can do the work, it sounds fair to me. i don't care what the test scores are. it's not sketchy at all. it's an opportunity for people who have proven that they're up to it.

he then proceeds to tell me that his real problem with it is the fact that many of the LLM's--and the ones that are swapping to pursuing JD's-- are foreign students who intend to get american law degrees and practice law in this country. he argued that that's a problem...he doesn't mind that they study here, but he's bothered by what he perceives as sneaking into the JD program and then deciding to stay, thus making it harder for americans to get law jobs in their own country.

i don't buy his argument at all--especially since he mentioned that it was okay if they were studying science. why should it matter? a person has a right to immigrate into this country from another country and pursue the field that they would like to, or the field that they are expert in...just like a natural citizen has the right to pursue the field of his choice or of his expertise. i don't care if it's law, science, or anything else under the sun. he argued that it makes it harder for americans to get jobs, and that it's not the same for a foreigner to come into the country and become one more competitor for a job, as opposed to one more natural born citizen deciding to be a lawyer instead of anything else and competing for the same job. i understand that the government can at least try to keep the foreigner out of the country, make policies that keep the foreigner from coming in (we'll save this rant against xenophobic government policies for another day), but can't keep the natural citizen from pursuing the field. but, either's one more person competing for the job. it shouldn't matter who it is, or where they're from.

this guy's ostensibly getting his JD from Wash U in three years...and he, like any other law student, needs to do the best he can, apply for jobs after school, and prove he's the best man for the job. he, like me or any of the other students in law school, has the advantage of being in a top law school, no matter what country our citizenship is in. if we want to work as lawyers here in america, we're all getting the tools we need to be successful. we need to spend less time and energy getting pissed off about who our competition is or what country they're from. we just need to know that no matter what, there's going to be competition for legal jobs. it's reality. we deal, and we adapt, and we make ourselves competitive. that goes for this guy, that goes for me, and that goes for anyone else pursuing a JD.
EVERY FREAKING ORGANIZATION is having an interest meeting on wednesday from 11am until noon. this is not cool, because there is more than one meeting i'm going to go to. right now i've got it narrowed down, i'm either going to to to Outlaw or ACLU. i have two days to pick which one. grr. this is not conducive to getting very involved.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

alright, i'm home for the evening but i just don't feel like going to bed yet. ended up going back out to the plaza, out to a bar. boulevard beer is yummy. :) now, i'm watching poker, sitting with the boy, and doing Random Internet Surfing. i love having my own computer again.

i know i did another meme earlier, but this one amused me. so, i did it--even though it's really freaking long.

1. Copy this whole list into your journal.
2. Bold the things that you have in common with me.
3. Whatever you don't bold, replace with things about you.
[this was taken from emily]

01. i have done five university of chicago scavhunts
02. I enjoy acting silly and childlike
03. i am a law student at washington university in st. louis
04. when i grow up i want to be a litigator
05. i have not driven a car since i was seventeen
06. i think professional football is boring
07. three pairs of my pants have writing all over them
08. i enjoy watching dogs chase ice cubes
09. i do not capitalize my name
10. sometimes my hands get cold
11. my favourite food is stuffed pizza. it makes me sad that i can't get it in st. louis.
12. i love reading poker books
13. i play poker all the time...on the internet, and in real life if i can find games
14. my favourite beer is spotted cow
15. my favourite liquor is absolut vodka
16. I love wasting time with interesting people.
17. i have more posts on than anyone else
18. i love singing karaoke
19. i love to write, but can't bring myself to write anything *highbrow*
20. i have a pessimistic streak. and by a streak, i mean that's how i generally am.
21. i have a lot to learn. i love to learn new things.
22. i find nerds really sexy
23. i think it's important to make eye contact.
24. i like to eat carbohydrates!
25. I wish I had more friends here. Also that I more consistently had the confidence, time, and ability to follow up to make them.
26. i love reading books on sex and sexuality
27. i'm a night owl
28. mock trial is life.
29. i have never seriously considered getting a tattoo.
30. i am deathly afraid of spiders
31. there are few things more wonderful than loving/feeling close to someone.
32. i write song lyrics on absolutely everything
33. i've never been to outer space!
34. i want to win a world series of poker bracelet...and if i did, it would be the only piece of jewelry i'd wear
35. i love my friends.
36. i love those milwaukee's best light ads where the men who aren't being manly get crushed by large beer cans falling from the sky
37. i enjoy watching college basketball
38. i have brain cells i never use. i'm sure.
39. I like tea.
40. i hate people who bullshit
41. i miss the local music scene in chicago
42. i will never write to please the masses
43. i have a cellphone.
44. i wish i still had time to act
45. i don't want children. they drive me nuts.
46. i seldom get the recommended 8 hours of sleep/night
47. i don't subscribe to any magazines
48. I’m dabbling, rather slowly, in guitar.
49. I hate it when I feel inarticulate.
50. the idea of going into space scares me.
51. i am bisexual
52. i have read more harlequin romance novels than i care to admit
53. i love to find money in my coat pocket.
54. I’m often hyper-critical of myself.
55. i enjoy reading.
56. i love water
57. i want to go skydiving someday
58. i want a pet dog, but not until i'm out of school and settled somewhere
59. I seek genuine connection.
60. i believe in love, and sometimes, i believe in fate.
61. i sometimes catch myself wondering why someone would love me
62. i love reading AIM away messages
63. holidays are too commercial
64. I have a rich and varied sexual past.
65. i find bill fillmaff shorts hilarious
66. i like sandwiches.
67. elitists and fundamentalists are annoying.
68. i like taking the greyhound buses
69. i own eight wesley willis albums...and i still want to buy more of them
70. sometimes i need to take a day to be completely on my own, when i don't have to speak to anybody unless i feel like it.
71. i am fiercely loyal to my friends
72. my favourite animal is the teledu
73. i am drawn to intellect and humor. and charisma and intimacy.
74. this thing is freaking long.
75. i hate when people do things just to look important.
76. pain makes me hurt.
77. I don’t understand why people who hate homosexuality can’t see that it’s bigotry, and why people who are against homosexual marriage can’t see that it’s a violation of civil rights.
78. I should be doing work right now.
79. i'm writing this from kansas
80. i need to buy furniture for my apartment
81. I like playing with words in interesting ways, and interestingly juxtaposed words such as (thanks to I think Loud Dave) “yak-fondling”
82. i don't know how i survived a year and a half without my own computer
83. penguins are completely hilarious. they amuse me lots.
84. i enjoy going on roadtrips--as long as i'm not driving
85. I miss my friends back home and wish I could spend more time with them when I was there. (back home being chicago...i can't wait to go back there.)
86. i want a nintendo DS just so i can play nintendogs
87. annoying people annoy me.
88. I need to freak out less about certain things.
89. i have a growing stack of books to read someday when i have time
90. I like how I look, but I don’t spend much time on my appearance in the morning.
91. When I’m really in the zone with singing, all is right with the world. And vice versa.
92. i wish i had an unlimited bank account.
93. but "making it" is not based on financial success
94. Writing is supercool. Writer’s block is not.
95. I love snuggling
96. I would like to have a private jet.
97. I like learning about why things are the way they are, what preconceived notions we have are false, or true, and why, etc….and also arguing back and forth about those things.
98. If Bush gets elected again, I’m probably going to ram my head against the wall a bunch of times. (or, well, i did that...and got really drunk...and cried a lot...)
99. i could never have an eating disorder because i love food and i hate throwing up
100. i love, love, love to sleep.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

killing time with a meme.

Three Names You Go By:
1. nicky, because people can pronounce it
2. nicolle, if you can prounounce it (in other words, if you're one of my relatives)
3. goat, because my friends call me that

Three Parts of Your Heritage:
1. swedish
2. french-canadian
3. german

Three Things That Scare You:
1. dying
2. not finding really close friends in law school
3. remaining as irresponsible the rest of my life as i am now

Three of Your Everyday Essentials:
1. music
2. seeing my boyfriend (now that we're in the same city!!!)
3. the internet

Three Things You Want in a Relationship:
1. a compatible sense of humour
2. physical attraction
3. we can carry conversations

Three Physical Things about the opposite/same sex that appeal to you:
1. eyes...i like the kind of eyes i can gaze into forever, for whatever reason
2. guys, i usually like shorter, clean-cut hair; in girls, i usually go for longer hair
3. i don't have a particular body-type in guys, but i like my girls nice and curvy

Three Things You want to do really badly right now:
1. get some furniture for my apartment
2. be involved in mock trial somehow (at least wash u's law school trial team isn't giving me the freaking runaround--they seem to actually want me to come volunteer and do witness-type things!)
3. buy some sexy new clothes

Three Places You Want to go on vacation:
1. vegas, baby, vegas!!!
2. london
3. chicago

Three cereals that kick ass
1. i don't like cereal
2. cereal is yucky
3. i mean, really....eewwwwww!

Three reasons to stay home from work/school:
1. being sick
2. drank a few too many brewskies last night
3. i'm tired and lazy!!!
i'm being a bad student. i'm in kansas this weekend, i brought all my books...but ever since we got back from the plaza, i've been playing internet poker instead of reading. at least i'm doing well at internet poker, i've made some money this afternoon. i swear...there are few more profitable ways to spend my time than going on sporting bet (or, in today's case, one of its skins, king solomon), and playing five card draw against idiots who do not know how to play the game. you just sit, wait for good hands, and watch the cash roll in. i really wish i could play it at a higher limit than $.25/$.50...i can't wait to build a bigger bankroll so i can play a little bigger game.

don't know what i'm doing tonight...we're having dinner with my boyfriend's family (steak...always really yummy! his dad can cook.) and then hopefully going out. that depends on if any of his friends get back to him. i hope they do, because i like going out. other than that, i don't know. maybe brunch tomorrow morning, and then it's back to st. louis. and, when i'm back in st. louis, i should do my homework. actually i should do my homework here. but, i'm sure i won't. i can never make myself work when i'm out of town.

Friday, August 26, 2005

random questions...stolen from hilary.

Your Answers!

What happened the last time you and [info]brokenbubble were hanging out together?
it was the mock trial cocktail party. we were all dressed up in pretty dresses, eating yummy food and being really, really drunk. and we were at herodotus. (i miss herodotus.)
Why is [info]maroon1718 sneaking up behind you right now?
he's trying to kidnap me, take me back to chicago, and go do pub trivia.
What's up with [info]naughtynaughty?
she likes ireland. and beer. and mock trial. and all of those things are completely awesome.
What would happen if you were to date [info]cce6?
the world would probably implode. i think we would both decide the mere idea was ridiculous...and then we'd go to jimmy's. on a tuesday night. and get really, really trashed.
How would [info]mija72013 survive on a desert island?
i doubt she would without access to a good newspaper or news she could keep blogging about all the crazy things the Kansas government is doing.
Did [info]amazinggrace steal the cookie from the cookie jar?
yes. yes she did. :)
Have you ever seen [info]bornofstardust naked?
nope, only half naked. naked dials rule. oh yeah, and there was also that lots-of-girls-in-the-bed picture...but we were all fully clothed.
Why would [info]gwenc02 go to heaven but [info]alexus75 go to hell?
duh, because heaven is a big mock trial round. heaven is reserved for those who subscribe to the gospel of AMTA. only gwen has been exposed to the gospel of the big Dick Calkins in the sky.
What kind of underwear does [info]wmjeff1693 wear?
i don't have the foggiest idea. maybe it's bright orioles orange. that would be awesome.
If [info]hilabeans and [info]tokeiwakamidesu were superheroes, which one would be the sidekick?
probably hilary...because zach is one of the biggest extroverts i know. i can't visualize him being a sidekick at all, be he a superhero or not.
What is the most insightful thing you have heard [info]jay_rubes say?
that if things are not alright, it's not the end yet.
Have you ever suspected [info]ataralas of being a lifelike robot?
she loves shiny things and knows all sorts of stuff about physics. maybe that means she's a robot. i don't know.
Can [info]mrvoid solve a Rubik's Cube?
he'd probably draw a comic where his character did.
What kind of person would you set up with [info]zie_verse?
someone who was quirky, fun, and knows how to speak greek. and who's a new yorker.
How many licks would [info]windofderange take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?
three hundred and fifty-five.
Doesn't [info]foofy_attorney have anything better to do?
yes. smoke pole. oh, so much pole.
When's the last time you saw [info]silverleap?
never, actually...i haven't met her in person. :(
What does [info]melli1983 look for in a significant other?
someone who she loves, who makes her happy, and who she can talk to.
What would you most like to do with [info]sweetmelmel?
meet her in person and find fun things to go do in st. louis.
[info]naiatlc is in a maze of twisty passages, all alike. What now?
she'd find a cute mocker boy somewhere in the twisty passages. then, she'd cause a lot of trouble.

This is by [info]heptadecagram. You can find your own completely random questions here.

Do you feel enlightened now?

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so it begins, the final day of my first week of law school.

i am not supposed to have classes on friday until 10 am, but here i am at 9am, waiting for the torts prof to get here. we have a make up class today. i have a few minutes to write, because classes here don't start until eight minutes after the hour.

i probably should stay in town and work this weekend, but it's not going to happen. instead i'm going to kansas for the weekend. i haven't been down there in a while (not since last thanksgiving, i think!), so it should be a fun time. i'll have to set aside some time for working this weekend, but i know i'm going to have a lot of stuff to do sunday night regardless.

i'm really excited...i have a cute little calendar program. it loads on my desktop, and shows all the stuff i have to do for the next couple days. one of my classmates gave it to's really, really convenient, and i'm not going to lose it like i'd lose a pencil-and-paper assignment notebook. the only thing about it is that i can't do a tiled desktop icon behind it. that's sad, because i had a really awesome tiled desktop...and now, with this program, i can't get the icon to work properly, even centred.

well, it's not quite 9:08, but professor ellis is here, and everyone seems to have quieted down. it's time for torts, which at 9am on a friday, is a ::tort:: indeed.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

it may not be meant to happen.


yes, it doesn't appear as though there's a market for mock trial coaches here. it's not for sure yet, but i got an email back from the head coach over at slu...and she said that she'll get back to me in another couple of days yet, but she wants to keep it open to slu law students. i guess i can understand allowing as many slu law students who want to coach the undergrad team there to coach...but first off, i was told last week that i could come around...and second of all, is there really such a thing as too many mock trial coaches? i'm keeping my fingers crossed that i'll be allowed to help out...but the way things have been going, i've become such a pessimist about all this.

law school is going well (property reading is boring me to tears, but at least my professor is funny...), but i'm really really bummed about the fact that i may again be a Coach Without A Team.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

i have my first property class in about two minutes. it's two hours long. class had better be a lot more interesting than most of these cases we had to read, otherwise i'm going to pass out right here in the front row.

wish me luck.

Monday, August 22, 2005

first day of law school today was awesome. i wasn't the one who got picked on in any of my classes, although the questions weren't so scary after all. i would have enjoyed being the one picked on in either class, really.

there was some gold in my tort torts prof thought i was a guy. :) i raised my hand because he asked the class a question, and he called on "you, sir, in the back." he clarified it was "the man in the black shirt"...and the only guy back there who had his hand raised was in a pink shirt...and then it became clear he was in fact talking to me. i stand up to answer his question...and i think he then noticed that i had boobies, and corrected himself. i'm like "it's alright...happens all the time." i don't know what it is...i'm always strangely proud of when i get mistaken for a guy. it's fun.

there's another funny story from torts...or not so much a story, but a quote. we were talking about a battery case, and the following exchange ensued:

student: "he's suing him for damages received by the battery"
Prof. Ellis: "you mean he hit him with one of these??" (holds up a AA battery)

i found that way too funny.

i know i'm one day in, but so far law school is awesome.

in other news, i saw a really funny ad on TV just now. it was like a nature film, and the voice was talking about how salmon spend most of their lives in the ocean, but swim back home to the river or stream to breed. they show the salmon swimming around the river, and then they cut to a bear eating the salmon. the voice says something like "sadly, for many salmon, this is the end of the journey. but, there is good news...i just saved a lot of money on my car insurance by switching to geico!" that made me laugh so hard; i love geico ads so much.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

so, the case i'm reading for torts (vosberg v. putney) just referred to a middle school kid kicking another middle school kid as a "transaction".

law is weird.
i should be doing work today. well, i have to do work today...i've got torts at 9 tomorrow, legal research at 10, and contracts at 11...and homework due in all three of those classes. but, i haven't started any of that yet. i've been surfing the web and listening to my itunes. i haven't ripped anything more to it this morning; just been too lazy to even dig up my cd's. oh well...i've got plenty of awesome stuff on it, although the shuffler on my itunes really seems to have taken an affinity to "it's over" by ditchwater and "bonus mosh part II" by taking back sunday.

the "play count" feature on itunes is mesmerizing. it doesn't mean anything yet, of course, but give it a few months, give it 'til i've added some more tunes to my computer. then it will be, as dr. c put it once, an uncomfortably deep look into my psyche. then again, i have kind of a car crash fascination with what that feature is going to tell me over the course of law school.

i downloaded some silverstein last night because i kinda like "smile in your sleep"...the rest of their stuff is more screamy...and darn, that's some good screamo. i need to dig up some more of their stuff, maybe pick up their cd because i saw it for cheap at best buy yesterday, eight or nine dollars.

i can't freaking get thunderbird to download my mail to my computer. i set it up, i double checked all the server names, i know i did it correctly, but i can't find where in the program i'm supposed to tell it that i need a password, or that it needs to prompt me to type in a password, in order to get into the wash u server and get my email.

i should do my homework. instead i think i'll play with my computer for just a little while longer.
itunes is sweet. it's supersweet.

i just spent the last hour or so downloading and organizing a few the wazee music database and other band sites...i've now got four hours or so of music on my computer. eventually i have to start raiding my cd collection and putting what i want from it on here. i don't have a SIXTY GIG HARD DRIVE for nothing...i'm putting all sorts of tunes on this thing.

right now my music collection is really random, but it's going to become more comprehensive over the coming weeks and months. i can't's great to finally have a computer with a big enough hard drive to keep a great music opposed to that three gig piece of crap i had in college.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

holy crap. i am posting this...FROM MY NEW COMPUTER!!!!! i'm so excited to finally own a computer again. my new box is's a laptop, an HP pavilion 4150. i need to do my homework for monday, but i have a funny feeling i'll just be playing on this all weekend and not want to do my homework. i'll do it tomorrow, i i'm going to play on my computer, go to the 1L party tonight, and then probably play on my new computer some more.

while i was waiting for the geek squad to finish with my computer configuration, i messed around with a nintendo DS they had on display at best buy. it had a game called nintendogs...i want a nintendo DS, and i want nintendogs. i think i finally understand the whole virtual pet thing...nintendogs was so sweet. you could pet the dogs, and play with toys, and throw's way more amusing than it should be. it's just plain awesome.

Friday, August 19, 2005

i've had so little time or inspiration to update this thing, but i have twenty minutes before my legal writing orientation...

law school orientation is going well. i'm spending most of my time just hanging out and getting to know people; i think there have been considerably more beer drinking and goofing off type events than academic events. this makes orientation a happy time.

and, i did karaoke last night. i haven't sang karaoke in forever...and they had "my immortal", a song i've wanted to sing karaoke since my third year of college but never found. apparently i was good...the people in the room liked me, and my boyfriend was impressed. :) yay for me not sucking at singing...and yay for the possibility that i may someday see him do karaoke. he wants to actually prepare for it, but he thinks we should go do karaoke sometime when we go to florida over winter break. that would be cool.

i get my student loan money today...i was supposed to get it yesterday but the morons in student accounting messed up ALL the law students' checks. i'm glad i'm getting money today so i can buy my books, my computer, etc. before school starts on monday. i also don't yet have a dresser, a desk, or a bed. this is probably bad.

off topic...funny exchange between me and my boyfriend a few days ago that i've been meaning to put in here...

(scene...i'm lying around reading Hold 'Em for Advanced Players, the boy is walking over with his copy of Small Stakes Hold 'Em)

me: "yay for reading sklansky in bed!!!"
him: "that's why i love're the only girl i know who would ever say that."

anyway...gotta go. if i keep typing this, i'm going to miss my legal writing class, and that's probably bad. this is the session where they are supposed to give me an idea of how to brief a case, and i probably want that. i have to brief several cases for monday...there are two 1L professors that are sticklers that everyone briefs every case before they go to class, and i happen to have drawn both of them.

law school is, in fact, going to kick my butt this year. whoo-hoo.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

today rocks.

it was the first day of orientation, and i met lots of awesome people, and i found out useful info. and then they gave us beer.

and then i found out that i'll get to help out with saint louis university's mock trial team. i won't be a mock addict without a team anymore! yay!

life is good.

Monday, August 15, 2005

the new mock trial case is out...and it's not as horrifically bad as the summary--or the fact that it was written by You Can't Stomach This Baloney Guy--made me think it would be. i'm disturbed by the fact that the girl who goy kidnapped is only 13, and there are a couple witnesses who i think are useless as tits on a boar hog...but overall it may not completely suck.

i just got back from a reception at the law school...i'm still in a business suit, which i can't wait to remove, but the next shuttle doesn't leave campus until 7:30. i can't play poker right now (grrr...electronic funds transfers from poker site to poker site should be instant, darn it!!!), so i'm just goofing around on the web. still, it was a good afternoon, and i met lots of my classmates. i even met some guys in my section who enjoy playing poker, so we should be setting up a game soon.

i also found out i should be getting my overage checks on my loans thursday instead of monday...YAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! that means i can buy stuff i need ever so desperately, like books and furniture and a computer, before school starts!!!!!!! that's so exciting that i can get all that stuff before school starts...i can't believe it. it's awesome.

other than that...not much going on. it's all law school, all the time, in nickyland, from now on.
i forgot how much i love escape from earth. i haven't listened to them in a couple months...they're completely amazing, one of the best band ever. they should really come play a show here since i haven't seen them in over a year.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

tomorrow i start law school orientation. that still hasn't really sunk in yet. it really feels like orientation has already started, since i know quite a few other 1L's. i met some at the coffee hours last week and the week before, and then last night one of them had a party which was quite well-attended...probably 20 people or so. it was nice, the girl who threw the party lives on my street, so i could just walk home afterwards without having to worry about designated drivers or anything else.

today i was at least marginally roommate and i got barstools for our kitchen. that was it...i planned on doing a few other domestic things, but the afternoon devolved into many games of fluxx and watching russian roulette, who wants to be a millionaire, and poker superstars.

other than that...i can't say anything's really going on right now. i'm trying to think of something witty, or interesting, or non-stupid to say, and failing miserably. i think i'll stop here.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

i can truthfully say i'm sitting next to phil ivey at a poker table right now.

it's online, on full tilt, but hey...i feel really freaking cool.

p.s.: i just bluffed him out of the pot in a battle of the was a little pot, but hey...i took some of phil ivey's money.

(hand history, you nerds.)

FullTiltPoker Game #183870509: Table Pine Ranch - $0.25/$0.50 - Limit Hold'em - 16:50:01 ET - 2005/08/13
Seat 1: Chip Leider ($3.60)
Seat 2: Scorps1973 ($4.15)
Seat 3: ajloop15 ($4.15)
Seat 4: frontrowgirl ($10.20)
Seat 5: Phil Ivey ($4.35)
Seat 6: TheUsher ($8)
Seat 7: brentblack83 ($20.50)
Seat 8: iamcaveman ($23.15)
Seat 9: bdawg31 ($8.50)
frontrowgirl posts the small blind of $0.10
Phil Ivey posts the big blind of $0.25
The button is in seat #3
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to frontrowgirl [8s 9s]
TheUsher folds
brentblack83 folds
iamcaveman folds
bdawg31 folds
Chip Leider folds
Scorps1973 folds
TheUsher stands up
ajloop15 folds
frontrowgirl raises to $0.50
brentblack83 stands up
Phil Ivey calls $0.25
*** FLOP *** [7s 7h 5d]
Mattro adds $10
frontrowgirl bets $0.25
ball4life214 adds $5
Phil Ivey folds
Uncalled bet of $0.25 returned to frontrowgirl
frontrowgirl mucks
frontrowgirl wins the pot ($1)

Friday, August 12, 2005

by the exies

are you ugly
a liar like me
a user
a lost soul
someone you don’t know
money it’s no cure
a sickness so pure
are you like me
are you ugly

we are dirt
we are alone
you know we're far from sober
we are fake
we are afraid
you know it’s far from over
we are dirt we are alone
you know we're far from sober
look closer
are you like me
are you ugly

turn a blind eye
why do i deny
medicate me
so I die happy
a strain of cancer
chokes the answers
are you like me
a liar like me

we are dirt
we are alone
you know we're far from sober
we are fake
we are afraid
you know it’s far from over
we are dirt we are alone
you know we're far from sober
look closer
are you like me
are you ugly

i don’t care
you don’t care
i’m bitter
you’re angry
you don’t care
i don’t care
you love you
just like me
i blame you
you blame me
i’m bitter
you’re angry.
you don’t care
i don’t care
you love you
like me

we are dirt
we are alone
you know we're far from sober
we are fake
we are afraid
you know it’s far from over
we are dirt we are alone
you know we're far from sober
look closer
are you like me
are you ugly
okay...i'm bored, i'm mad, and maybe i can distract myself with a music meme. yeah.

List five songs that you are currently digging... it doesn't matter what genre they are from, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good but they must be songs you're really enjoying right now. Post these instructions, the artists, and the five songs in your blog.

1. "paperthin hymn" by anberlin
2. "attack" by 30 seconds to mars
3. "bitemarks and bloodstains" by finch
4. "paper wings" by rise against
5. "time to waste" by alkaline trio

no, i haven't been So Emo It Hurts, i haven't.
i want to go ahead and buy my books already, but i can't. the books are way expensive at the bookstore, only a moron would buy them there. i've found them for half price online...but i can't buy them online because i don't have my debit card yet. this problem would not exist if those morons at the library had directly deposited my last paycheck into my old account--i'd be logged on with that debit card, and buying my books, and they'd be on the way and definitely there on time. now i have to wait until next week for my new card to come in, buy the books then, and then pray and pray that the books come in on time. that makes me so mad i can't see straight.

that, plus the headache that comes from being as tired as i am right now, makes me a very grumpy nicky, a nicky you probably don't want to deal with right now.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

you know you're getting old when you get genuinely excited about mundane, practical things. i finally got my paycheck in the mail yesterday (!), so today i went to the bank to go get a checking account. since they're the bank that has atm's on campus, in schnucks (the grocery store...greatest name ever for a grocery store...) and basically everywhere else useful in town, i got my account through bank of america. i had a few things in mind that would be cool...i.e. free student checking no matter what my balance is...and it would even be cool that even though i didn't have my account open yet, if they could put part of my check in the bank and give some of it to me in cash. they could do that...something hyde park would not have done. furthermore, it's kind of cool...with my checking account you get one sort of "get out of jail free card"...a one time waiver for an overdraft fee or atm fee or something. i don't know why you'd want to use it on a $2 atm fee...but on some of the other bank fees it could be used on, it may come in handy. anyway...the point is that i feel really, really old because i'm psyched about my fancy-schmancy checking account.

other than that, not a whole lot is up. i need to bring myself to do something about the mock trial situation, get past the being-bummed-ness of it all and find a team to coach. i should call up SLU, maybe...if they'd let me coach, i could coach, in person...and maybe it'll happen like dr. c said would happen in a movie, that in a movie i'd go coach them and then at regionals they'd knock wash u out of a postseason. that would be insanely amusing...and their just dessert, really.

other than that, not too much going on here, really. i'm still not really moved into my own place, i need to get furniture and stuff. i'm trying to find nice inexpensive stuff on craigslist...there were a couple of things a couple of days ago, but they've since sold. hopefully something good will be posted today that i can buy, because it would be darn nice to at least have a bed. if i had a bed i could do useful things like "stay at my place instead of having to walk back to chris' after chris and i sit in my place and watch my tv." i did get cable tv this week. cable tv is cool. i also got internet access...but i can't take advantage of that until i get my computer, and i can't get a computer until i get my loans in the first day of school. that is the first thing i'm buying when i get money, though...i can't wait to have a computer again.

this is a total change of topic...but this is insane. yesterday i got an email from my contracts professor...he is apparently going to miss some clases later in the he has to do some make-ups. one of these make-ups will be THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS. we were not even supposed to have contracts until tuesday. but, apparently he does this all the time, my boyfriend had him last year. his schedule got crazy, but he didn't have a make up class the first day of school. that's patently not cool that i do.

alright...time for me to draw this colossally disjointed piece to a close.

p.s. photograph, this new nickelback song, is awful. absolutely awful. that's not surprising, since their recent stuff pretty much is, but it's a far cry from the state, the album they released my senior year of high school. leader of men and breathe were good songs. this song, however, reminds me way too much of that vitamin c graduation song...a piece of crap written specifically to be chosen by squeaky high school students as their senior song. songs like that are never good. then again, maybe i have a screwed up sense of what a senior song should be...i thought "ode" by creed would be a perfect senior song.

"ode" by creed

hang me
watch awhile
let me see you smile as i die
take me as my body burns
let me see you yearn while i cry

one step on your own
and you walk all over me
one head in the clouds
you won't let go
you're too proud
one light to the blind and they see
one touch on the head
we believe

adore me as i drift away
let me hear you say i'm fine
you cry as my body dies
all that you despised is gone away

one step on your own
and you walk all over me
one head in the clouds
you won't let go
you're too proud
one light to the blind and they see
one touch on the head
we believe

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

i just got my first straight flush ever.

it was a royal flush.

what a rush!!!!!
scariness: senior year of high school!!!!

[What year was it]

[What were your five favorite bands?]
the verve pipe, matchbox20, third eye blind, fuel, k's choice

[What was your favorite outfit?]
jeans and a black band t-shirt...kinda like now, nothing's changed! lol

[What was up with your hair?]
it looked like a mushroom.

[Who were your best friends?]
joy and christina

[What did you do after school?]
octet practice, drama practice, student government meetings

[Where did you work?]
i didn't work during school

[Did you take the bus?]
first semester i did, second semester my sister and i drove a 1985 chevy celebrity

[Who did you have a crush on?]

[Did you fight with your parents?]
not as much as i just went out of my way to avoid my father

[Who did you have a CELEBRITY crush on?]
tony fagensen...and wait a minute, he's still the closest thing i have to a celebrity crush now. he's still hot.

[Did you smoke cigarettes?]

[Did you lug all of your books around in your backpack all day because you were too nervous to find your locker?]
i wasn't nervous to find my locker...but i lugged them around all day 'cause my locker was in the middle of nowhere

[Did you have a 'clique'?]
me? a clique? funny. i was a huge loner.

[Did you have "The Max" like Zach Kelly and Slater?]
nothing of the sort

[Admit it, were you popular?]
not in the least

[Who did you want to be just like?]
no one, really

[What did you want to be when you grew up?]
a physicist

[Where did you think you'd be at the age you are now?]
physics grad school

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

i thought things were getting better, clearly i was wrong.

wash u is not going to let me coach. not even on a volunteer basis. i just heard back from the coach...some crap about having to approve everyone who comes in because it's for credit, that i can judge a round or two before regionals but that's about it.

that's not enough.

i don't care that i'm in public. i want to cry. bang my head against a wall. shoot myself. something. i can't take a year or more off of mock trial.

i feel sick.

Monday, August 08, 2005

i'll stop the dirt cheap references soon, i promise!!

or not. :) i do have my fancy schmancy blog title, after all.
the library told me they mailed the check on friday...apparently they had "computer trouble" and couldn't deposit it...had to reissue it. they told me it's in the mail, and they had better not be lying. i want my money. buying things like "food" and "books" would be really, really sweet. not to mention "furniture", although that's probably asking too much until my loans come in.

working sucked, but at least i had money.
i'm already not having the best day in the world, and now i got my class schedule. my class schedule informs me that i have the Notoriously Evil Torts Professor and the Notoriously Evil Contracts Professor.

there's also a Notoriously Evil Property Professor, who i didn't used to be possible to get all three of them, but wash u actually changed things so it was impossible to get all three of them, because they are so tough.

and, from what i've heard, the Notoriously Evil Torts Professor is the most evil of all of them...and he's the one that my boyfriend can't even give me heads-up on, as that's the one of the three Notoriously Evil Professors that he did not have.

can something that doesn't suck happen today? please?
last week we had the drama of leona's losing my paycheck.

now, we have the drama of the library not paying me.

i realised on saturday that my paycheck, that was supposed to be in my account, was not in my account. i called the bank today, and they said that indeed, my paycheck had not been deposited into my account.

i called the library and i had to leave a message with the woman in payroll. she had better call me back, and soon.

i didn't tell them i had closed my bank account. i didn't close my bank account. i didn't expect this from the library, they were usually good about doing legally mandated stuff like paying me for the work i did.

and now i'm sitting here with no job...and no paycheck that was supposed to be put in my account on friday. the whole reason i hadn't yet closed my account with hyde park bank was that i'd be getting this paycheck last friday, and i'd have access to it right then.

clearly life is just out to get me.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

so i was out playing poker last night, and i was cashing out. i'm talking to the guy behind the window, and telling him how my kings got cracked spectacularly. the guy behind me in line gets into the conversation...and i look at him and i'm like, "yeah...and this guy with ace-nine drew out to his ace on the river...he had nothing!"

he's like "yeah, i know...that was me."

open mouth. insert foot. but he's still a fish.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

last night i went to the greatest used CD store ever. yes, i'm going to say what must sound like sacrilege to all of you in chicago: it's better than reckless records.

last night, my boyfriend and i went to dinner to this pizza joint on the delmar loop (st. louis pizza haus...if you ever go there, get the carnivore pizza because it's awesome!). afterwards we decide to walk up and down delmar. two doors down from the pizza joint there's a place called vintage vinyl. it looks like a used cd store, so of course i want to go in. it could only be described as an enormous, well-organized warehouse full of CD's, cassettes, and vinyl records. its selection dwarfs any other store i've ever been into. it even passed The Test: in used CD stores that delineate between rock and punk, thou shalt put taking back sunday in rock and not punk.

i was looking through the racks and racks of cheap used cd's, and a voice comes on the intercom. it was one of the employees...telling us that any of the used CD's in the $4.99 bin would be on sale for two bucks for the next twenty minutes or so. that was completely awesome...i of course went to the $4.99 rock bin and started browsing. i ended up scoring three new albums for two bucks a that's '90's kitsch: candlebox's self titled album. i got one that's awesomely bad: grade 8's self titled album...they're a random band that radio wazee got me into, they are pure push people and throw things music, in that they yell a lot. my crown jewel, though, is one that is not only '90's kitsch but also awesomely bad: 3 sides, bob guiney's album that he released after he was The includes a couple of remakes of old fat amy songs. fat amy was the band he was in back in the mid nineties--they never made it out of the local scene around east lansing, michigan, but i picked up on them over the internet and i always really, really liked them.

i swear, there's going to be a day where i'm not going to make my boyfriend put up with me, i'm just going to get on a bus and go to the delmar loop and spend all day at vintage vinyl. i won't make him go with me, because at used cd stores i get really squeaky and start jabbering and telling stories that don't make sense...he was at vintage vinyl with me yesterday, and bore with me, but he thought i was crazy. anyway, i'll probably spend way too much on cd's, but it'll be so much fun.

Friday, August 05, 2005

best head trip ever...stumbling upon the nerd camp alumni page.

long live governor's school west 1998...really the only good memory i have of high school.
this morning i went to the incoming 1L coffee hour at wash u. it was happy...bagels, coffee, and the chance to meet some classmates.

i was also very productive this morning...i got my composite headshot done, and i got my student ID made. that means i can now prove i'm a student...i can get student discounts on stuff, and i can ride the shuttle bus whenever i need to go to campus. that reminds me...note to self, dig up my shuttle schedule. what's more, though, is that my ID picture doesn't suck. i don't look like a complete moron/tool/douchebag/insert undesirable ID photo resemblance here.

i went out last night with my boyfriend, my roomie, and some of her friends. we went to the pin-up bowl out on the delmar loop...i'd been there once before. it's an awesome bar...and they have tons of fun drinks with pretty colours! i should try not to spend all my time there lest i spend all of my money on shiny things like the "antifreeze", a cocktail with absolut vodka, blue curacao, midori, and pineapple juice. it actually looks like antifreeze, but it tastes like yummy.

as for today, i don't know what i'm doing. i want to go out, but who knows...then again, i can't believe it's 4:30 already. i've been sitting at this computer for almost five hours. yup, i suck.
i got a mindmap! squeeeeeee!!

A Portal to another MindMap!A Portal to another MindMap!Chicago, Illinois - A Portal to another MindMap!Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - A Portal to another MindMap!Chicago, IllinoisChicago, IllinoisUnited StatesChicago, IllinoisChicago, IllinoisLondon, United Kingdom

Thursday, August 04, 2005

darn you, e-6! your egging me on was just too funny.

last refuge of the persecuted crack smoker this is.
i've been here in st. louis since monday. to be honest, it doesn't quite feel like i've so far feels like a really fun trip to st. louis that's been made even more fun by the fact that i don't have to agonize about having to leave town on a bus on friday or sunday or monday. i haven't spent a lot of time at my new place boxes have all arrived, and everything's piled up in my room...but i don't have any furniture yet, and won't be able to afford it until my loans come in later this month. so, i've been spending about all my time at my boyfriend's place.

i've been doing a whole lot of bumming around, really. we've gone out a few times...last night i went out with my boyfriend, my roommate, her boyfriend, and two of their friends to a random bar. that was quite fun...lots of hanging out, chatting (a lot about poker, as my roommate's boyfriend's friend plays quite a bit), and drinking of boulevard wheat. that's one awesome thing about living in missouri now...i can get boulevard beer whenever i want it. i heart boulevard beer.

tonight we're going out again, probably to a random bar in the loop, after my roommate and her boyfriend finish up at the cardinals game. that won't be for a couple hours yet, though, as the game just now started. i'll probably be bumming around on the computers until then.

i saw charlie and the chocolate factory today. it was awesome...extremely demented. i wasn't sure how much i was going to like it, but i went to it with my boyfriend...and we both laughed our heads off. johnny depp was awesome...and the movie was really, really amusing. i recommend it.

oh well...i can't think of anything good to say, so i'll shut up now.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

so, i've finally done it. i moved to st. louis yesterday.

and i've lived to tell the story, although there's not such a story to tell yet.

i'm sleepy.