Wednesday, July 13, 2005

today, i'm turning in the two week notice at leona's. :) it's such a suck-up little document, really, but i don't's over. then again, i shouldn't be so nice, since they're morons and they screwed my over by giving me only three shifts this week...but oh well. no use causing that much trouble right before i get out of there. drawing up that notice feels good.

other than that, nothing else really going on. trivia was last night...i was an absolute moron, but one of the answers was rather silly and therefore awesome. the question was, what does VSOP stand for on a bottle of cognac? i never really knew...but for some reason, whenever i look at a bottle of cognac, what always ran through my head was...

"Very Special Old Product".

it's stupid, but we couldn't think of anything better. so, we put it. turns wasn't far from true. it's "Very Superior Old Pale", or alternately "Very Special Old Pale". i like mine better, though...and i think i'm going to mentally continue to call VSOP cognac Very Special Old Product, because it's funnier.

tonight i'm going to play a little more poker and surf the web some more, maybe another hour...and then there are games at 6:30. i have been playing so many board games this's awesome. i hope i can find some geeky boardgaming buddies at wash u...although it won't be quite the same, still. it's little things like that that i'm really, really, really going to miss when i move.

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