Wednesday, July 06, 2005

things are falling into place.

i have a roomie...she's the same person i've been talking to over the last couple weeks, in the apartment she picked out already. she's just as awesome in person as she was on the phone, and the apartment is a great, great place. two big bedrooms (no more hole in the wall bedroom like i had last year and this summer...whooooo!), a nice living room, and a kitchen to die for. the foof is going to kill me, or at least envy me lots and's a huge kitchen with a new stove, a dishwasher, a nice oven, a nice fridge, lots of storage space...and a CENTRE FREAKING ISLAND!!!! i saw that kitchen and started squeaking with glee. i'm going to be doing the paperwork on that place this week...but my roomie has already signed the lease for it since she's moving in this month and not next month, so it's definitely ours. i'm so psyched that it's lined up, since apartments are selling like mad here, and housing day is tomorrow...

i've also been approved for all my school loans. yay for knowing 150% that i won't have to work a job next year while i'm a 1L. if wash u approves money to pay another mock coach, i'll do that...but even if they don't, i'll do that anyway for free, so that's really a nonissue there. the point is i'll be able to pay the bills with my loan funds, and not have to work and study next year.

it's been a nice couple days here so far...despite being so productive and lining all that up, i've still had lots of time to be really, really lazy with my boyfriend. or, maybe not that lazy...i bought a tennis racket on sunday, and he started teaching me how to play tennis. i suck less than i feared, especially for only having been doing this for a couple of days...i can get it over the net, and often in bounds, when i hit it! yay! i think i like tennis more than i thought i would...and it'll be a great thing to pick up, especially since my boyfriend played in high school...and the tennis courts are right in front of the law school at wash u.

other than that...not that much going on. time to figure out my *plans* for the evening. ;)

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