Tuesday, July 26, 2005

some of my stuff has been sitting in boxes all summer...but i have to pack the rest of it this week and mail it on thursday.

the rest of it is going on the greyhound with me on monday.

i'm actually moving.

i don't know what i'm doing this weekend. i need to figure out my Last Few Things i want to do in Chicago this weekend, and do them. i need to hang out with my friends. i'm wondering whether i want to go Out Into The City one last time this weekend...although i spent all day friday and all day saturday in places other than hyde park (downtown, lakeview, and andersonville at turns) so it won't be a big deal if i don't leave hyde park this weekend. i know i'll be back in chicago rather frequently, it's not that far away from st. louis...but it'll still be strange and different not living here anymore after living here for five years.

other than that...i've come to one of my general problems in blogging here. i have a Big Event coming up, something about which i should be able to say something profound or moving...but i can't think of something to say that's not completely trite. so, i'll end here for now.

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