Thursday, July 07, 2005

nothing new to report, really...i'm just killing time at a computer lab here at wash u. i went to housing day today and met a couple of incoming 1L's (or, as my boyfriend's friend said..."awww, cute! look at all the pre-L's!!")...hopefully someone will call my boyfriend back and be his roomie, that would be really nice. not as much luck on that front as we hoped for, though.

other than that...we played some tennis after finishing with housing day stuff, and finally after half an hour in the computer lab i've cooled off a bit and don't feel like i'm bathing in sweat. tennis is nice, but it'll be amazing to play when it's seventy outside instead of a hundred. i can't deal with this heat for very long.'s back to chicago tomorrow. i'm not looking forward to returning to work...but at least i have less than a month.

and i have two week notices to write. i am so giddy about those that it's not even funny.

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