Friday, July 01, 2005

leona's did a darn good job of pretending not to be stupid last night.

so, i get in, and just out of desperation or false hope or something, i check the schedule book...hoping that my name had been magically removed from the shift i was supposed to work on monday.

my name was scratched out, another waiter's name was written in, and a manager had signed for it.

then, the manager who was in (the generally incompetent one who doesn't ever do anything) handed out fudge bars because it was hot outside.

i got the smoking section...but it was actually busy there last night, and i made good money.

then, around nine or so, the manager left. this would normally seem to be a bad thing, because there was no other manager to take his place, but it worked more smoothly than it's ever worked with a manager there. they gave the head dispatcher all the managerial computer editing powers (discounts, voids, etc...), left it to the bus boy to manage assigning servers side work, and left it to the servers to manage the floor. it worked so smoothly...we should not have managers in more often.

so, i actually had a good day at leona's last night. i also got off that shift on monday...which means i get to go to st. louis on sunday, since i don't have a shift then. i'll be there sunday through friday...getting an apartment and spending lots of time with my boyfriend. :)'s kind of funny to think i'm spending an entire week of my last month of chicago in st. louis. kind of ironic...

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