Monday, July 18, 2005

it's been a while since i touched a computer, so this is going to be one of those posts that jumps from topic to topic without any real rhyme or reason.

leona's has been absolutely insane as of late. i thought there couldn't be much more drama...i'm only going to be there through next wednesday, right? well, not so much. i found out on saturday morning that friday night, the new manager (the one that started a month ago to replace the one that got fired) got fired. not only did she have a penchant for cutting the floor when it should not be cut...apparently she also had an unfounded vendetta against one of the waitresses. not only did i hear this from the waitress she had a vendetta against...i heard this from other ones, too. she was sending other waitstaff home and making this one waitress do all their side work, she was making closers roll silverware (something closers do not do, companywide)...and it finally caught up to her since she got canned friday night.

then, last night, i found out some more stuff that had gone down on friday night. (miss a night there, miss a lot, i guess...) they had some secret shoppers from corporate come in on friday night. the server who got them is this guy who works almost every day of the week...not the best waiter in the world, but he shows up a lot. in short, he screwed up the table royally. he didn't card for liquor, he got the order wrong, and he didn't actually charge them for all the food they ordered. therefore, he got fired. furthermore...the general manager (the one bad manager who has worked there the whole time i have) was never once on the floor while the secret shoppers were there, so he got demoted to dining room manager. the "new" guy, or at least the one they brought back to replace the manager who got canned friday, is now general manager...which is ironic because the guy they demoted is still on the floor more often than they guy they brought back. (plus, the guy they demoted doesn't try to feel up waitresses like the guy they brought back.)

then, today, they tried to pull a fast one on me. there were three servers in, and the manager who was there (this new GM guy) was cutting the floor down to two. the guy who got there first had first dibs on getting cut, but he wanted to stay through the afternoon. i was second in...but the manager told me i was going to have to stay, and the girl that came in last was getting cut. i asked why that was going on, and basically threw a fit, angrily telling him that no, i was in before she was, and i need to get cut. finally, he cuts me instead of her. then, the girl who came in after me walks up to me and goes, "you know, if i get cut before you, there's a reason for it...and if the dining room manager had been in, and you tried that, you'd have been fired." i was just like, "well, so be it...i'm here one more week, i don't care." [i resisted the urge to make a snide comment about the fact that she is the dining room manager's sister.]

shockingly enough, there has been stuff going on in my life that has nothing to do with working at that sketchy, sketchy place of employment that we call leona's. my friend came into town from madison this weekend, and we had some fun. friday night, a bunch of us went to jimmy's for some beer. i've been drinking so little this summer...usually i can get drunk without being hung over the next day, but that didn't so much happen on friday night. i'm so not used to drinking that much anymore. was an absolute blast to go out friday night.

saturday was another awesome night out...a few of us went to naniwa for sushi. then, since we didn't feel like going home, we walked over to the river east movie theatre and saw wedding crashers for no particular reason. wedding crashers is an absolutely amazing movie...the funniest new movie i've seen in years. owen wilson and vince vaughn were awesome...and, for crying out loud, you get to see christopher walken play touch football!!! seriously...if you haven't seen wedding crashers, stop reading my blog and go see it!!!

alright...not too much else going on. i may or may not go see the sox tonight...i'll know that shortly, in the next hour or so. if that doesn't end up happening, who knows what i'll do? hopefully not sit at home, since i really don't feel like doing that tonight.

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