Saturday, July 09, 2005

i'm back from st. louis, finally...greyhound got me back to town two hours late last night, but at least i was back in time to play games. i've still been home all of a minute since i got back to town...i dropped my bags at home and then went straight to games, and then ended up crashing at my friend's place because the drunk van wasn't answering the phone last night. i haven't been back home yet...i got sidetracked at the library on the way, and i'm now surfing the web and playing internet poker. i have to be at leona's at six thirty...but nothing to do before then, thank goodness. more websurfing and poker, lunch, maybe a nap...something like that. i got up at 8:30 this morning, and six hours of sleep and a venti mocha will probably not last me 'til 2am or whenever i end up getting off work.

i stumbled across this meme somewhere, and here goes nothing. you all know i'm a sucker for music memes.

List five songs you absolutely can't stand from five artists you adore.

1. "kill the music industry" by cold...for a band that's always so emotional and engaging to listen to, that song is a screaming, pandering mess.
2. "broken" by seether. it's the weakest song on disclaimer, and just boring to listen to. it's not that seether is even bad at softer songs..."sympathetic" is a masterpiece...but "broken" just doesn't do it for me at all. and, don't get me started on the amy lee was unnecessary, and made a bad song even worse.
3. "satisfied" by 8stops7...i heard this song before any of their others, so i just assumed they weren't very good...but then i heard the rest of their stuff and realised this song was an anomaly. about the only way to describe this song is...badly done angst.
4. "rain" by breaking benjamin...a rock band did not need to do a reworking of rain, rain, go away. no, no they didn't.
5. "lucifer's stained dress" by videodrone. i usually don't have a problem with vulgarity...but this one's just over the top. plus, it's no fun to fall alseep to this album and then have the crap scared out of me by that woman screeching.

(note...i have completely ignored here artists who are good and released entire bad albums...i'd call that another topic, or at least i'd spend this entire post detailing awful songs from those albums.)

And on the flip side, list five songs you love by five artists you typically can't stand.

1. "we're all to blame" by sum 41. it's like none of their other's really interesting to listen to, and the chorus has a wonderful melody.
2. "like a stone" by audioslave. i'd usually rather listen to nails on a chalkboard than to chris cornell's voice, but it works for this song...not to mention i have a crush on the guitar solo.
3. "girl all the bad guys want" by bowling for soup...that song is silly, it's fun, and it tricked me into liking that band until i heard, well, anything else they did.
4. ".45" by shinedown. that song sticks in my head like crazy...and i can't put my finger on why i love it so much, but i do.
5. "it's all coming back to me now" and "the power of love" by celine dion...okay, so i'm cheating with two songs here. but, i don't like the rest of her stuff--and yet i love these songs enough for them to be one of my two absolute karaoke favourites.

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