Tuesday, July 19, 2005

downtown is covered with all these new dove ad billboards. i saw this campaign on the internet a few months ago, but there's been a lot of talk about them since they've been all over chicago.

the foof says they're cool because the models actually look like they're happy to be there, not dead like waifs.

a red eye column yesterday said they're good because they give women a realistic but slightly aspirational image to look at.

both of these people are right, but i have another reason why the ads rock. waifs aren't drop-dead sexy...and most of the women in these ads are! women with curves, breasts, hips, tummies...in short, women with actual bodies, are! sure, that reason may be a little shallow compared to everyone else's reasons for liking the ads...but i'm just putting that out there.

i just hope these billboards all stay up a while...and that other companies take dove's lead and put women like these in their ads.

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