Wednesday, June 01, 2005

sorry for the lack of original content...i've been alternating between being exhausted and trying to remedy being exhausted for the last couple days.

monday, i had a shift at leona's...which wasn't so bad, really. lots of people ordered expensive stuff, and tipped me well, so it was happy.

yesterday, on the other hand, was horrid. i ditched work at the library, which was necessary because i needed the extra sleep in order to function. but, my shift was so bad...when i was making change for one table, when i was really rushed, i accidentally swapped the pile of "change" with the pile of "payment"...shorting myself about twenty bucks, and giving that money to this really annoying table that didn't tip me for crap anyway. last table sat there for TWO AND A HALF HOURS, and then proceeded to tip me only about six percent...which sucked so much, given that they alone made me stay past about 5pm, when i was done with the rest of my tables and my side work and stuff. as it stood, i didn't leave until about 6:45.

at least there was trivia last night...we didn't win, but it's always fun to drink beer and do trivia with my friends.

as for today, i'm at the library...i'm there 7:30 to 3:30...and then i'm going to go home, shower, finish packing, and get on a bus. thank goodness i'm going to st. louis tonight...i'll be there for four days, and i won't have to think anything but happy thoughts.

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