Tuesday, June 21, 2005

my entries have been so short lately. i have some time to kill now...given that i've been trying to find one of my friends to hang out with him before trivia...but he doesn't yet have his voice mail enabled on his new phone, so i can't get in touch with him. he should turn his phone on.

i've been doing nothing but working, basically. at least tonight i don't have to work at leona's, and tomorrow i don't have to work at the law library...but still, i'm sick of working so much. i'm so ready to trade waitressing and barcoding in for casebooks and memos that it's not even funny...law school can't start soon enough.

still, i think the next day that i might have completely off from any job is sunday. i signed up for no shift at leona's on sunday...and if they give me a shift, i'm going to go to the ends of the earth to pawn it off on someone. i'll swap, i'll give it away, i'll take a double, i don't care. the pride parade is on sunday, and there is no way i'm going to miss the pride parade. i've got all my pride beads hanging up in my room in anticipation of it (including my awesome chain one that i got at gay mart last year, and then a bunch of random ones i've been given over the last three times i've gone to pride). maybe we'll figure out something fun to do before or after the parade...who knows? i'm just looking forward to a fun day out...i hate pretty much every other parade ever, but pride is just so much fun.

maybe that naked guy will be dancing atop sherwin-williams again this year. that would be hilarious.

i think i'm going to skip along to the pub pretty soon, though...it's only six thirty, but i want us to have a decent table...and it fills up pretty fast on trivia nights, even over the summer. plus, it just sunk in that i've been at the reg for an hour. i graduated over a year ago...why the heck am i at the reg??

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