Thursday, June 09, 2005

it's a long week that only stands to get longer.

i got back in from st. louis on monday morning, around 3am...and had to force myself immediately back into the swing of things. i had a shift at leona's at 11...and it was so dead that i got frustrated and took the 5:30 shift they needed someone to take. that shift was also dead, but between the two i managed to make a halfway decent amount of money.

tuesday, i originally didn't have any shift at all. but, the manager called me over the weekend and told me i had to work at 11am...i didn't know then, but i found out on monday it was because the waitress who was supposed to work it got canned. they fired several waitresses over the weekend, just for not doing their jobs very well... i also had to work tuesday evening, because there was a waitress who couldn't come in. so...another double.

ridiculous story from tuesday... we open at 11:30 am. there were supposed to be three waiters and a manager there by 11 to get things set up. i showed up...another waitress showed up...but the manager wasn't there until almost noon, and the other waiter didn't show up. it was really bad...because as soon as we opened, we got slammed. absolutely slammed...we had fifteen tables in fifteen minutes or so, and by the time the manager, or any other waitstaff, showed up, i had NINE open tables. i was going absolutely nuts, i couldn't keep up with all my tables! surprisingly, no one got pissed off at me, i guess i managed...but it was definitely uncomfortable. the one lucky break we did have, the thing that saved me and the other waitress from just plain dying, was the fact that there was a "trainee" there...i put it in quotes because she used to work there and was apparently very good at her job, but she'd been gone so long they made her do some training again to get back into it. she was really helpful with bread, soup, salad, food running...biggest lifesaver ever.

yesterday morning i worked at the library, and then i opened at leona's...and afterwards i did absolutely nothing. i sat around and watched tons of bad tv. it was glorious. then, i went to jimmy's with a bunch of my friends and hung out for a while...and then went to the cove...and then went to another person's apartment...and i ended the evening way drunker than i had any business being. it was good times.

right now i'm just feeling...dread. i'm not hung over, but i feel like crap because it's really, really hot and this apartment is so poorly ventilated. i'm sweating like a pig. i also have to start packing today. it needs to happen. someone's coming by to look at my dresser today, and hopefully i'll be able to sell my bed off too. i need to have my life in boxes by monday morning, or at least whatever i'm bringing to st. louis. of course, i'm only moving down the street...but i'm only at my sublet for six weeks or so, and whatever is going to st. louis goes there--and no more.

i wish i was just going straight to st. louis, though. i kind of feel like i'm just biding my time. i didn't feel like this last year, when i was actually graduating...i feel like i belong more in the class of '05 than in the class of '04. last year...i just finished school, and decided to hang around for a year, like a fifth-year senior who's not taking any classes. this year, though, stuff is actually changing. many of my friends are moving out to take jobs in places that are not chicago. i'm moving out to go to law school. i wish i could say something poignant about it all, but i really can't...and for the next six weeks, i'm going to be feeling like this is all moving on without me.

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