Thursday, June 16, 2005

i moved, finally...i hate moving, but it's nice to be done with packing, for now. i guess now i have to start thinking about unpacking...but that's not going to happen until saturday, as i'm working eight hours at the library--and then a closing shift at leona's--today and tomorrow.

at least poker went really well yesterday. it was a busy day at leona's yesterday with lots of tips...but i still made more money playing poker yesterday than i did waiting tables. i got bluffed out of one enormous pot, and i'm still beating myself up over it...but at least the rest of the night was practically flawless.

it's so weird being in my sublet...i've met my roommates, but they're not close friends. i miss living with my close friends...and now i don't just not live with them anymore, all my roommates from last year are out of town. gone. i alternate between sadness about that fact, and numbness.

my thoughts aren't making much sense today. i have to get back to work. blah.

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