Monday, June 13, 2005

i hate packing with a passion. i have to pack up all my belongings, and i'm hoping to move today...although that might not happen. i still have tomorrow, but i'll have to call in sick to leona's.

i might be selling my bed...hooray! i finally got a taker today, he's supposed to come and look. i need to pack up more stuff before he arrives.

but, what am i doing? surfing the web at the reynolds club. my roommates drove me to campus and they're out somewhere...i've tried calling them and they're awol. hopefully i get in touch with them soon so i can go back to herodotus and finish packing up my room. i've got almost all my clothes packed, and all my cd's i just need to do books, my stereo, and whatever random knick-knacks and objects i'm, i need to paint a little part of my wall because it's covered in song quotes.

i wish i was moving straight to st. louis, and not moving to this sublet for the summer. i hate moving, and i have to do it twice. i also hate the fact that i'm stuck here for six more weeks before i can start my new life in st. louis.

i really should have been packing this weekend, but i did everything but. thursday, i went to kenosha for bratwurst, and then went to work. friday, i got some moving boxes and some tape, but i didn't actually pack anything. i slept and watched bad tv, and then went to the cove with a bunch of people. saturday was graduation, then a post graduation lunch with a friend of mine and his family. i napped for the afternoon, and then a bunch of us went out drinking on the north side. lesson learned: for the love of God, DO NOT STAY AT YAK-ZIES UNTIL 5AM!!! EVER!!! that was the first and last time i'll ever close out a 5am bar...i drank way too much, spent way too much money on booze, and had another run in with Sketchy Lewis Coach...i swear, that guy must be there every night. yesterday i was sleeping off my hangover until i had to work at 3:30...i wish i didn't have to work yesterday, it was hell because no one tips on sundays. furthermore, instead of actually managing, the manager sat at table 11 for several hours and got drunk with his girlfriend. i wish i could get paid to sit around, drink wine, and hang out with my significant other. the longer i'm there, the more i hate leona's, the more i hate the management...i like the waitressing part, but it's the worst-run restaurant ever. i can't wait to get out of there.

ughhh...i should probably finish up this and go back home...finish packing...that kind of stuff. maybe i will actually be able to move today...maybe...

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