Tuesday, June 28, 2005

i hate having such spotty computer access...i swear, i'm going to be updating this thing like five times a day when i'm in law school and i finally have a computer.

i'm just exhausted. yesterday i had an opening shift at leona's...and then they had me stay through the afternoon...and then i worked a double because one of the four thirty waitresses didn't want to come in...and then when i got cut it got really busy, so i was support-staffing for about two hours...that's right, all the fun of waiting tables and none of the tips!! whoo-hoo.

finally, after eleven hours there, i got to leave and play some poker. poker was definitely happy...and profitable. no spectacular hands, no crazy stories...just pretty solid winning. i wish i had more poker nights like that...if i did, i'd have a lot more money. still...there need to be poker nights more than just once a week.

so, my weekend... friday was awesome, because it involved fourteen hours of board gaming. that's right, 12pm to 2am. abenteuer menschheit, pirate's cove, a five player game of history of the world, puerto rico...it was happy. i wasn't so good at, you know, ::winning:: any of these games (i came close on history of the world, but lost on the tiebreaker), but it was still quite a blast.

saturday i had brunch with one of my mocker buddies who was driving through town on a road trip...and then just kind of slept all afternoon until my closing shift at leona's. it was only half an hour instead of two like last week...but my moron manager shut the restaurant early again on saturday instead of just cutting the floor. he wanted to go get drunk with some of the servers...what a skeeve. i hate when he closes early when i have to close, because it seriously cuts into my income potential. doesn't he ever notice that we get a late night rush because we're one of the few restaurants in hyde park that's actually open past 11:30 pm on the weekends?? i guess not. why? because he's stupid. i can't wait to stop working at leona's.

sunday was the pride parade...we walked all around boystown trying to pick a spot, and finally decided to watch the parade from the melrose diner since there was an open booth by the window. i heard there was a salute to fag hags in the parade...which makes me sad that i missed it, because it would have been brilliant to see it, given that i was a fag hag out to the pride parade with my fag. :) i heard there were some inspired signs. anyway...it was worth being in the air conditioning, as the weather in chicago has been way too hot lately. after the parade, we went to a party, which was lots of fun...i met some new people, we had wine and cheese and really, really yummy tuna sushi, and it was awesome. i had to cut out early, by 8:30 or so...the combination of the heat and the alcohol was making me feel really, really rotten, and i went to bed almost as soon as i got home--i was asleep before ten. i desperately needed the sleep.

[something i learned, or at least had reiterated rather strongly to me, at that party...the U of C universe is absolutely tiny...and comparing notes can be absurdly amusing.]

if i had anything else interesting to say right now, i would say it. but, i don't. i'm exhausted, i'm at work when i should be asleep. i can't concentrate on barcoding books, and i'm having one of those days where i'm stressed out and feeling like the world wants to crush me for no good reason. thank goodness i don't have to wait tables tonight...i'm looking so forward to pub trivia tonight that it's not even funny.

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