Thursday, June 30, 2005

i feel like i've been at the library a whole workday, which is bad because i just got here at nine. it's not even ten thirty yet.

it would be fine if the library were all i had to do today, since i get off at two. it would be so nice to go home and sleep after work, spend the rest of the day sitting around and being leisurely, getting my lost energy back.

but, that's not to be. i get off here at two, and then i have to go home and do my laundry as soon as i get there, and then i have to be at leona's by five thirty. and, i'm not kidding myself...i'm going to get sucked into closing, as five thirties normally do. i just hope, since i have to be there, that there's a lot of business and i make good money tonight.

i'm so pissed off at leona's...i told them i'll be out of town monday to apartment-hunt...and they scheduled me to open the store. i haven't been able to find anyone to take it. i'm going to ask around today, and if not, i'm going to go talk to the manager and get mad. i'm so angry they scheduled me on monday. if i can't find anyone, and the manager doesn't take me off the shift, i guess that means i can't leave until monday night. i really don't want to lose a day in st. louis, that would not be cool. i wish they understood that it was counterproductive to schedule servers when they are not going to be in town--this is not the first time they've pulled this stuff on me.

i really wish i had enough money right now to tell leona's where to shove it, and quit right now. oh well...when i leave, corporate is going to make me fill out an exit "interview" sheet...and although my real reason for leaving will be moving to st. louis for school, i'm going to lay into the management and write out all my gripes for corporate to hear. i can't wait. it'll be sweet.

just one more month of working for those morons, and i'm over and out.

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