Thursday, June 30, 2005

klugman is terrific!

klugman is dynamite!

klugman is...klugman!
i feel like i've been at the library a whole workday, which is bad because i just got here at nine. it's not even ten thirty yet.

it would be fine if the library were all i had to do today, since i get off at two. it would be so nice to go home and sleep after work, spend the rest of the day sitting around and being leisurely, getting my lost energy back.

but, that's not to be. i get off here at two, and then i have to go home and do my laundry as soon as i get there, and then i have to be at leona's by five thirty. and, i'm not kidding myself...i'm going to get sucked into closing, as five thirties normally do. i just hope, since i have to be there, that there's a lot of business and i make good money tonight.

i'm so pissed off at leona's...i told them i'll be out of town monday to apartment-hunt...and they scheduled me to open the store. i haven't been able to find anyone to take it. i'm going to ask around today, and if not, i'm going to go talk to the manager and get mad. i'm so angry they scheduled me on monday. if i can't find anyone, and the manager doesn't take me off the shift, i guess that means i can't leave until monday night. i really don't want to lose a day in st. louis, that would not be cool. i wish they understood that it was counterproductive to schedule servers when they are not going to be in town--this is not the first time they've pulled this stuff on me.

i really wish i had enough money right now to tell leona's where to shove it, and quit right now. oh well...when i leave, corporate is going to make me fill out an exit "interview" sheet...and although my real reason for leaving will be moving to st. louis for school, i'm going to lay into the management and write out all my gripes for corporate to hear. i can't wait. it'll be sweet.

just one more month of working for those morons, and i'm over and out.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

it's amazing how much better your day gets when you hear a new Cold song for the first time, and it's this awesome. more proof why Cold is one of the best bands ever... and the guitar riff through the simple and yet so amazing.

i'm on a Cold high.

"happens all the time"
by Cold

i still hang on every word
in a world of faded memories
where you're still in love with me
i can see it in your eyes
a look as if your major tom has lost control

i must hold on
this happens all the time
i still find my faith in you
i can't hold on
this happens all the time
i still find my way to you

if the dreams all that i got
then i wish you in a fairy tale
where you're still in love with me
i can see it in your eyes
a look as if your hero fell and lost his soul

i must hold on
this happens all the time
i still find my faith in you
i can't hold on
this happens all the time
i still find my way to you
call me a trend-follower...i don't care.

sudoku is the greatest thing ever. it's like crack for nerds. i've been addicted to these things since last the point that the one they have every weekday in the redeye is not enough, and i'm now printing them off the internet.

then again, they do have the sleazy side effect of me making an effort to pick up the redeye every day for this puzzle. thank goodness for the free box at 55th and ellis.

and speaking of's puzzle was labeled four stars out of five, but it was way easier than yesterday's three star puzzle. sudoku ninja is smoking crack.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

greatest onion headline ever:

"We Need A Fourth Law Of Robotics: Stop Fingering My Wife"
i hate having such spotty computer access...i swear, i'm going to be updating this thing like five times a day when i'm in law school and i finally have a computer.

i'm just exhausted. yesterday i had an opening shift at leona's...and then they had me stay through the afternoon...and then i worked a double because one of the four thirty waitresses didn't want to come in...and then when i got cut it got really busy, so i was support-staffing for about two hours...that's right, all the fun of waiting tables and none of the tips!! whoo-hoo.

finally, after eleven hours there, i got to leave and play some poker. poker was definitely happy...and profitable. no spectacular hands, no crazy stories...just pretty solid winning. i wish i had more poker nights like that...if i did, i'd have a lot more money. still...there need to be poker nights more than just once a week.

so, my weekend... friday was awesome, because it involved fourteen hours of board gaming. that's right, 12pm to 2am. abenteuer menschheit, pirate's cove, a five player game of history of the world, puerto was happy. i wasn't so good at, you know, ::winning:: any of these games (i came close on history of the world, but lost on the tiebreaker), but it was still quite a blast.

saturday i had brunch with one of my mocker buddies who was driving through town on a road trip...and then just kind of slept all afternoon until my closing shift at leona's. it was only half an hour instead of two like last week...but my moron manager shut the restaurant early again on saturday instead of just cutting the floor. he wanted to go get drunk with some of the servers...what a skeeve. i hate when he closes early when i have to close, because it seriously cuts into my income potential. doesn't he ever notice that we get a late night rush because we're one of the few restaurants in hyde park that's actually open past 11:30 pm on the weekends?? i guess not. why? because he's stupid. i can't wait to stop working at leona's.

sunday was the pride parade...we walked all around boystown trying to pick a spot, and finally decided to watch the parade from the melrose diner since there was an open booth by the window. i heard there was a salute to fag hags in the parade...which makes me sad that i missed it, because it would have been brilliant to see it, given that i was a fag hag out to the pride parade with my fag. :) i heard there were some inspired signs. was worth being in the air conditioning, as the weather in chicago has been way too hot lately. after the parade, we went to a party, which was lots of fun...i met some new people, we had wine and cheese and really, really yummy tuna sushi, and it was awesome. i had to cut out early, by 8:30 or so...the combination of the heat and the alcohol was making me feel really, really rotten, and i went to bed almost as soon as i got home--i was asleep before ten. i desperately needed the sleep.

[something i learned, or at least had reiterated rather strongly to me, at that party...the U of C universe is absolutely tiny...and comparing notes can be absurdly amusing.]

if i had anything else interesting to say right now, i would say it. but, i don't. i'm exhausted, i'm at work when i should be asleep. i can't concentrate on barcoding books, and i'm having one of those days where i'm stressed out and feeling like the world wants to crush me for no good reason. thank goodness i don't have to wait tables tonight...i'm looking so forward to pub trivia tonight that it's not even funny.
by dysception

one day it’s here
the next day it’s gone
what should i think
about what’s going on
about what's going on

somehow this always happens
would anyone understand
who can i even tell
that would give a damn
that would give a damn

i keep it bottled inside
i have no one to tell
feeling as though i might scream
i need to find exactly what this means
to me

is there something i should say
something i should do
i’m so confused right now
i only wish i knew
i only wish i knew

i keep it bottled inside
i have no one to tell
feeling as though i might scream
i need to find exactly what this means
to me

i can’t take it
i can't take it
i can't take it
i need to let it out

i keep it bottled inside
i have no one to tell
feeling as though i might scream
i need to find exactly what this means
i keep it bottled inside
i have no one to tell
feeling as though i might scream
i need to find exactly what this means
to me

Thursday, June 23, 2005

i should remind myself not to stay up so late when i have to be at work at 9am. i really didn't want to get out of bed this morning...i was playing games until 1:30 or so last night...and i don't know when i got off the phone with my boyfriend, but it had to have been sometime between 3 and 3:30. i was up at 8 this it suffices to say i'm beat. eh least i have between 12:30 (when i get off at the library) and 5:30 (when i start at leona's) to watch bad tv and sleep some...maybe even do one of those sudoku puzzles that my friends have gotten me addicted on. i swear, those things are going to be like crack.

i'm really pissed at leona's...on one hand, they gave me sunday and tuesday off work this week. this is good, so i can go to pride on sunday and then on tuesday i can work eight hours at the library and then do pub trivia night. but, they also gave me friday and wednesday off...which is bad because three shifts is not enough money. i'm trolling for shifts...i'll probably not get one on friday, but i'm hopeful about wednesday. all i know is that either by picking up shifts on those days, picking up shifts on days i already work (i.e., doubles), or both, i need more shifts this week if i'm ever going to dream about having enough money to put down a security deposit on an apartment in st. louis in a couple weeks. i hate real life.

speaking of st. louis...i still haven't quite figured out what day i'll be going down there. housing day is the 7th...but i have to go in there before then, because my boyfriend is going to be out of town that following weekend, and i really want to spend some time with him. plus, i might be getting an apartment before housing day, and just using housing day as an excuse to meet other 1L's face to face. i think that's as good a reason as any to be there anyway...we'll see. i hope to have that figured out by saturday.

and now it's 9am. and now i have to go work at my stupid little desk in this stupid little library. i hate this job.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

my entries have been so short lately. i have some time to kill now...given that i've been trying to find one of my friends to hang out with him before trivia...but he doesn't yet have his voice mail enabled on his new phone, so i can't get in touch with him. he should turn his phone on.

i've been doing nothing but working, basically. at least tonight i don't have to work at leona's, and tomorrow i don't have to work at the law library...but still, i'm sick of working so much. i'm so ready to trade waitressing and barcoding in for casebooks and memos that it's not even school can't start soon enough.

still, i think the next day that i might have completely off from any job is sunday. i signed up for no shift at leona's on sunday...and if they give me a shift, i'm going to go to the ends of the earth to pawn it off on someone. i'll swap, i'll give it away, i'll take a double, i don't care. the pride parade is on sunday, and there is no way i'm going to miss the pride parade. i've got all my pride beads hanging up in my room in anticipation of it (including my awesome chain one that i got at gay mart last year, and then a bunch of random ones i've been given over the last three times i've gone to pride). maybe we'll figure out something fun to do before or after the parade...who knows? i'm just looking forward to a fun day out...i hate pretty much every other parade ever, but pride is just so much fun.

maybe that naked guy will be dancing atop sherwin-williams again this year. that would be hilarious.

i think i'm going to skip along to the pub pretty soon,'s only six thirty, but i want us to have a decent table...and it fills up pretty fast on trivia nights, even over the summer. plus, it just sunk in that i've been at the reg for an hour. i graduated over a year ago...why the heck am i at the reg??
i really like the word dynamite.

say it to yourself a few times...sounds cool, doesn't it?

dynamite. dynamite. dynamite.
this summer feels like i'm in a hamster wheel. all i'm doing is working, and i feel like i'm going absolutely nowhere. it's a rotten, rotten feeling.

Monday, June 20, 2005

"see God and be God with mrs. blanchie's hard boiled slug cakes!"

i love mr. science.

Friday, June 17, 2005

under my eyes, it looks like a small child went crazy with her periwinkle crayola.

i'm exhausted.
okay...this meme was way way way too funny and i had to post it here. i'd start pointing out what's extra funny and bizarre about it, but i really don't know where to start.

If Your Whole Life Was Lived on LJ by Karen_Walker
Your Parentcce6
First Grade Teacherataralas
Grade School Bullywindofderange
Best Friendsilverleap
First Kisswmjeff1693
Prom Datejay_rubes
College Prof. Affairmaroon1718
Your Bossbvokt
Your Spousemega_tsunami
Your Oldest Childnaughtynaughty
Quiz created with MemeGen!
we have three managers at leona's. one of them is awesome, one of them is generally a moron, and one of them alternates between being competent (at helping the servers when it gets busy) and being glaringly incompetent (at scheduling, showing up on time, and other managerial duties).

the one that alternates between competence and incompetence got canned yesterday.

i really think the other manager deserved it more, but i'll take what i can get. i have a guarded sense of optimism about the new manager they brought in to replace him...she was at the restaurant about seven years ago, and she seems to know what she's doing, and she was very helpful last night when it got busy. we'll see what happens.

either way, i'm doing a little happy-dance right now that one of the two moronic managers i had got fired.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

alright...bored + braindead = stealing a quiz.

from melissa

1) What stickers do you have on your car, if any?
car? what car? i don't have a car...

2) How/where did your last bf/gf say I love you?
well, my current one...the first time was last spring when i was leaving kansas after a visit...and the last time was on the phone last night (or this morning, if you want to call 3am that.) :)

3) What do you hear right now?
the jingling keys of some guy walking through the library

4) If you could drink anything right this second, what would it be?
i want a good cup of coffee...i had bad coffee this morning and it's not the same

5) Does anything hurt on your body right now?
my neck is so stiff that it hurts...and that'll suck when i have to go wait tables tonight.

6) If (fill in the blank) died, you would laugh and spit on their grave?
if george w. bush died, i'd laugh, enjoy it for about half a second, and then cry because i'd realise that dick cheney, one of the "brains" of the operation, was becoming president. and no, i wouldn't pay to go to texas or wherever he'd be buried to dance on the grave.

7) What’s your job position called?
at the library...barcoding project assistant. at leona's...server.

8) What size ring do you wear?
10 and a half, i think...although i haven't gotten a ring since my high school class ring my sophomore year of high school. boo hiss on's impractical and girlie.

9) Do you own a picture phone?
no...i own a phone that just calls people

10) What’s your bf/gf’s birthday?

11) What’s your mom’s favorite band/musician?
ummmm...i have no idea

12) What’s your Dad’s favorite band/musician?
i don't know and i don't care

13) What was your elementary school’s mascot?
the brentwood eagles (they switched to bears after i left, but they were the eagles the whole time i was there.

14) What’s your favorite bottled water?
there's a difference? i just drink chicago tap water...

15) What’s the next concert/show you’re going to and when?
i don't have the foggiest idea...probably something at mobfest (maybe inept, escape from earth, and shades of fiction next friday night at logan square auditorium?? i'd love to see no fate the next night too, but they're playing in the burbs...and that makes me sad because i love no fate...but perfect red is playing that night in the city, that could be fun...)

16) What were you doing at 9 pm last night?
playing poker!!!

17) What’s your favorite Starbucks drink?
i'll get a mocha.

18) Do you exercise as much as you should?
you're funny...

19) Did you attend your High School prom?
yeah...but it was hell, all my so-called friends ditched me once i got to the dance, and i didn't have a date to keep me company. i ended up hanging out with one of my sister's friends the entire night, and we sat there making fun of all the stupid people.

20) Would you give your bf/gf a second chance if they cheated on you?
no, no, not under any circumstances, absolutely not.
i moved, finally...i hate moving, but it's nice to be done with packing, for now. i guess now i have to start thinking about unpacking...but that's not going to happen until saturday, as i'm working eight hours at the library--and then a closing shift at leona's--today and tomorrow.

at least poker went really well yesterday. it was a busy day at leona's yesterday with lots of tips...but i still made more money playing poker yesterday than i did waiting tables. i got bluffed out of one enormous pot, and i'm still beating myself up over it...but at least the rest of the night was practically flawless.

it's so weird being in my sublet...i've met my roommates, but they're not close friends. i miss living with my close friends...and now i don't just not live with them anymore, all my roommates from last year are out of town. gone. i alternate between sadness about that fact, and numbness.

my thoughts aren't making much sense today. i have to get back to work. blah.

Monday, June 13, 2005

i hate packing with a passion. i have to pack up all my belongings, and i'm hoping to move today...although that might not happen. i still have tomorrow, but i'll have to call in sick to leona's.

i might be selling my bed...hooray! i finally got a taker today, he's supposed to come and look. i need to pack up more stuff before he arrives.

but, what am i doing? surfing the web at the reynolds club. my roommates drove me to campus and they're out somewhere...i've tried calling them and they're awol. hopefully i get in touch with them soon so i can go back to herodotus and finish packing up my room. i've got almost all my clothes packed, and all my cd's i just need to do books, my stereo, and whatever random knick-knacks and objects i'm, i need to paint a little part of my wall because it's covered in song quotes.

i wish i was moving straight to st. louis, and not moving to this sublet for the summer. i hate moving, and i have to do it twice. i also hate the fact that i'm stuck here for six more weeks before i can start my new life in st. louis.

i really should have been packing this weekend, but i did everything but. thursday, i went to kenosha for bratwurst, and then went to work. friday, i got some moving boxes and some tape, but i didn't actually pack anything. i slept and watched bad tv, and then went to the cove with a bunch of people. saturday was graduation, then a post graduation lunch with a friend of mine and his family. i napped for the afternoon, and then a bunch of us went out drinking on the north side. lesson learned: for the love of God, DO NOT STAY AT YAK-ZIES UNTIL 5AM!!! EVER!!! that was the first and last time i'll ever close out a 5am bar...i drank way too much, spent way too much money on booze, and had another run in with Sketchy Lewis Coach...i swear, that guy must be there every night. yesterday i was sleeping off my hangover until i had to work at 3:30...i wish i didn't have to work yesterday, it was hell because no one tips on sundays. furthermore, instead of actually managing, the manager sat at table 11 for several hours and got drunk with his girlfriend. i wish i could get paid to sit around, drink wine, and hang out with my significant other. the longer i'm there, the more i hate leona's, the more i hate the management...i like the waitressing part, but it's the worst-run restaurant ever. i can't wait to get out of there.

ughhh...i should probably finish up this and go back home...finish packing...that kind of stuff. maybe i will actually be able to move today...maybe...

Thursday, June 09, 2005

i like bratwurst.

they have bratwurst in kenosha.

spotted cow is the best beer ever.

they have that in kenosha too.

i'm about to go to kenosha...SWEET!!!! :D
it's a long week that only stands to get longer.

i got back in from st. louis on monday morning, around 3am...and had to force myself immediately back into the swing of things. i had a shift at leona's at 11...and it was so dead that i got frustrated and took the 5:30 shift they needed someone to take. that shift was also dead, but between the two i managed to make a halfway decent amount of money.

tuesday, i originally didn't have any shift at all. but, the manager called me over the weekend and told me i had to work at 11am...i didn't know then, but i found out on monday it was because the waitress who was supposed to work it got canned. they fired several waitresses over the weekend, just for not doing their jobs very well... i also had to work tuesday evening, because there was a waitress who couldn't come in. so...another double.

ridiculous story from tuesday... we open at 11:30 am. there were supposed to be three waiters and a manager there by 11 to get things set up. i showed up...another waitress showed up...but the manager wasn't there until almost noon, and the other waiter didn't show up. it was really bad...because as soon as we opened, we got slammed. absolutely slammed...we had fifteen tables in fifteen minutes or so, and by the time the manager, or any other waitstaff, showed up, i had NINE open tables. i was going absolutely nuts, i couldn't keep up with all my tables! surprisingly, no one got pissed off at me, i guess i managed...but it was definitely uncomfortable. the one lucky break we did have, the thing that saved me and the other waitress from just plain dying, was the fact that there was a "trainee" there...i put it in quotes because she used to work there and was apparently very good at her job, but she'd been gone so long they made her do some training again to get back into it. she was really helpful with bread, soup, salad, food running...biggest lifesaver ever.

yesterday morning i worked at the library, and then i opened at leona's...and afterwards i did absolutely nothing. i sat around and watched tons of bad tv. it was glorious. then, i went to jimmy's with a bunch of my friends and hung out for a while...and then went to the cove...and then went to another person's apartment...and i ended the evening way drunker than i had any business being. it was good times.

right now i'm just feeling...dread. i'm not hung over, but i feel like crap because it's really, really hot and this apartment is so poorly ventilated. i'm sweating like a pig. i also have to start packing today. it needs to happen. someone's coming by to look at my dresser today, and hopefully i'll be able to sell my bed off too. i need to have my life in boxes by monday morning, or at least whatever i'm bringing to st. louis. of course, i'm only moving down the street...but i'm only at my sublet for six weeks or so, and whatever is going to st. louis goes there--and no more.

i wish i was just going straight to st. louis, though. i kind of feel like i'm just biding my time. i didn't feel like this last year, when i was actually graduating...i feel like i belong more in the class of '05 than in the class of '04. last year...i just finished school, and decided to hang around for a year, like a fifth-year senior who's not taking any classes. this year, though, stuff is actually changing. many of my friends are moving out to take jobs in places that are not chicago. i'm moving out to go to law school. i wish i could say something poignant about it all, but i really can't...and for the next six weeks, i'm going to be feeling like this is all moving on without me.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

so blessed. useless. worthless. contaminated.

(and too tired to function.)

when are you going to come down?

Monday, June 06, 2005

i'm finally back in chicago...after four days of doing almost nothing in st. louis. it was glorious...although now the bubble is broken, as i have to show up at work at leona's in 30 minutes...and my bus came in an hour late last night (3am instead of 2am)...and i'm tired.

after a few good days, of course i'm destined for a bad one.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

i am so disturbed by this that it's not even funny...where do they get off calling all these books harmful? apparently this conservative newsmagazine has had "conservative scholars" rate books as to being the most harmful of the 19th and 20th centuries...but it's curious, they just list the books, they don't have any commentary as to why they find these books so harmful, or why they chose to call them harmful as opposed to just "anti-conservative" or anything else.

just because you don't agree (or your ideology doesn't agree) with a book doesn't make it harmful at all. it's just another point you have to read, evaluate, and either synthesize or rebut.
sorry for the lack of original content...i've been alternating between being exhausted and trying to remedy being exhausted for the last couple days.

monday, i had a shift at leona's...which wasn't so bad, really. lots of people ordered expensive stuff, and tipped me well, so it was happy.

yesterday, on the other hand, was horrid. i ditched work at the library, which was necessary because i needed the extra sleep in order to function. but, my shift was so bad...when i was making change for one table, when i was really rushed, i accidentally swapped the pile of "change" with the pile of "payment"...shorting myself about twenty bucks, and giving that money to this really annoying table that didn't tip me for crap anyway. last table sat there for TWO AND A HALF HOURS, and then proceeded to tip me only about six percent...which sucked so much, given that they alone made me stay past about 5pm, when i was done with the rest of my tables and my side work and stuff. as it stood, i didn't leave until about 6:45.

at least there was trivia last night...we didn't win, but it's always fun to drink beer and do trivia with my friends.

as for today, i'm at the library...i'm there 7:30 to 3:30...and then i'm going to go home, shower, finish packing, and get on a bus. thank goodness i'm going to st. louis tonight...i'll be there for four days, and i won't have to think anything but happy thoughts.