Tuesday, April 12, 2005

so, we've been back from des moines since sunday night. it was, in a word, awesome. i am unbelievably proud of team death...they finished third, with a 6-2 record. they also won the spirit of amta award...with a crazy-high 28 ranks (out of 30). chris won an all-american witness award, and sarah won an all-american attorney award. all in all...an amazing weekend.

on the not-so-mock related side, i also had lots and lots of fun. i got to see my boyfriend, which always makes me really, really happy. (i can't believe it's been a year since we got together in des moines last year!!! scary...) he wore his suit to the rounds, and he looks really good in it... :)

thursday night was awesome...we didn't get into des moines until about 1:30 in the morning. i went in, dropped my stuff, and hung out with my boyfriend for a while. but, he had to go to bed early since his team was scrimmaging at nine the next morning. we were not...so instead of being a responsible little mock coach and going to bed, i walked through the skywalk (i love the des moines skywalk!!! and it's open all night!!!) over to another hotel and got quite inebriated with some of the perjurers who were in town. that was great fun...and there are pictures!

friday i slept until almost noon, and then we had the afternoon to chill...given that registration wasn't until 3. i spent most of that afternoon hanging out with my boyfriend some more. :) there was the opening ceremony at 4...which was long, since they did most of the speeches there instead of at the closing ceremony. i heart, heart, heart julia tarver...she was awesome. but, the ceremony was run by don racheter. i don't like listening to don racheter. he isn't fun to listen to like brad bloch. brad bloch is quirky. don racheter is just bitter and unpleasant.

friday night i watched the round between mac and maryland...and it was one of the best mock trial rounds i ever saw. it was the way a des moines caliber mock trial round should be. just...amazing. after the round friday, we went back to the hotel, played some poker, and hit the snooze. it was pretty low-key...and it was good.

saturday we were in rounds all day... saturday morning my boyfriend accompanied me and we watched team death against penn state, and in the afternoon i went over to the tarver division to watch his old team, kansas, against tennessee. it was kind of nerve-racking watching my own team in competition in des moines, but they held their own. they dropped both ballots in the round i watched them in...which was a little sad and a little confusing, but we clearly rebounded well...plus, they didn't know their record until their 6-2 was announced on sunday. :)

after rounds on saturday, there was much fun hanging out. the student reception was that night...i wasn't there for all that long, but it was nice to run around there and see lots of people. they took the dart board away, though, which made me really sad. :( after that, we went to raccoon river for dinner (yummy house-brewed beers are happy!), and then hit the hot tub and swimming pool. not only is the des moines marriott the nicest hotel we stay at all year...but it has the best pool and hot tub of any of them.

sunday the round started so, so early. i went to go watch wash u and northwestern fourth round, since i wanted to talk to their coach some more--i'm planning on being a coach there next year when i'm in law school. it was a good round--albeit a weird one, as northwestern called dehnert, cotone, and mauldin. as wash u's defense lineup was siegfried, leo, and kaplan...there was no eyewitness whatsoever in that round. i wasn't a big fan of it, i thought having an entire trial without talking about tire irons made it a pure battle of the doctors, and completely depersonalized everything mauldin could say...it was dull in practice, although interesting theoretically, to see how it would work.

after fourth round was the awards ceremony...which was happy, given all the awards we won. :) there were lots of fun pictures taken...and then we went home. the way home was lots of fun, between dinner at the iowa 80 kitchen (i HEART that truck stop!!!) and a trip to the lion's den (a roadside porn shop). the lion's den was funny, especially because it had two items we could easily link to mock trial. the less funny of the two was a porn video called "18 holes...passion on the green", which had a guy standing with six girls on a golf course. the even funnier one was a fake hand and arm called "jerkin' the gherkin"...apparently for men who are too lazy to jerk themselves off, although any masturbation product that reminds us of our favourite forensic economist would be hilarious to buy if it weren't fifty bucks.

all in all...it was an amazing weekend. it was a fun trip to have as my last as a chicago mock trial coach, and i couldn't be prouder of our program.

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