Sunday, April 24, 2005

not much to blog about lately, as i've just been working, working, working. that's what two jobs does to you...i don't know when the next day will be that i'm not working one job or the other. i miss my free days, days when i don't have to put on pants...

work's been going alright this weekend, though. the last three days at leona's have been pretty overly obnoxious tables, decent well as i can ask them to go. last night all my tables tipped me AMAZINGLY well...although i didn't have that many tables since the restaurant was dead, i made a lot of money given how many tables i had.

last night was also spirits of amta...the mock trial party. it was amazing...although i got drunker than i had any business getting. i don't remember the end of the party very well at all...i don't remember walking home although i was apparently talking to my boyfriend the whole way...i woke up this morning to realise i had puked in my sheets (EEEEWWWW...)...which was ridiculous, as i had just yesterday taken my sheets to the laundromat to get washed. today i had to do it again. i guess not eating dinner before the party was a poor idea, and the five chips and two brownies i had at the party weren't enough to stave off massive inebriation. at least the party was wonderful...most of the mockers came, and there was lots of chatting, drinking, dancing, and beer pong. i know i'm a huge nerd...but i love mock trial parties to no end.

i made a decision today...i'm going to stay in chicago this summer. i was deciding between that and moving to st. louis for the summer...but it came down to the fact that i have two jobs here, and none right now in st. louis. i need the assured money so i can pay everyone who needs to be paid, have enough money for the move, and have enough money to live on. i really want to be in st. louis so i can see my boyfriend and get acquainted with the area, but it's just not going to happen until august. i'm going to go to one of the housing days, pick out an apartment then, and plan on moving to st. louis probably the beginning of august. during the summer, i'm just going to keep doing what i'm doing currently...i.e. barcode books and wait tables. boring...but it's steady income, which is what i need right now.

uggghhhh...should go to bed soon. it's only midnight now, but i'm still so sleep-deprived, and i have to get up at 10:45 or so, since i have to be at leona's at 11:30. 11:30 kinda sucks because you get cut early usually, but at least it's monday lunch...quite a few businesspeople, and good tips. also have to go to the bank...need to deposit my last paycheck and some cash at the bank, so it drops into my account for me to pay wash u. my first deposit is due may first. this one's not bad, two hundred bucks...the real kicker is june 1st, when i have to pony up my second deposit of four hundred bucks. i'll have it...but that's a lot of freaking money.

speaking of wash u, they need to send me my aid package. i would really like that information.

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