Wednesday, April 06, 2005

i've been so much more productive this week than i have been in forever, probably since i stopped going to school. i was at work at the library monday, tuesday, and wednesday. i finished all my taxes and financial aid forms. i did my laundry, cleaned my room, and packed for des moines. now, all i have to do is be a bum tonight, go to work at leona's tomorrow at 11:30, and then it's off to des moines.

i can't wait to go to des moines. it's the mock trial national championships, and i'm hoping team death mocks well. (screw march madness...the big dance is, in fact, in des moines this weekend!!!) on top of that, my boyfriend is going to be there. :) i haven't seen him in about three and a half weeks, so i'm really, really looking forward to that. it's also (crazy as it sounds) a huge, huge social event of sorts...i get to see lots of mockers that i've either met along the way, or have talked to on perjuries but haven't yet met. it'll just be a really fun weekend...not a lot of down time, but i wouldn't give it up for anything.

it's so strange to think that this will definitely be my last tournament as a coach here at chicago. i started preparing myself for that thought at richmond, since that could have easily been the last, but there was definitely that part of me that thought that it wouldn't be the last, that i'd have one more, that i'd have des moines. that turned out to happen. but, no matter how well we do this weekend, this will be my last tournament coaching here. i'm really, really excited to coach at wash u...but i know it will be different. it will be completely new people, and probably a completely different atmosphere. i'm going to talk to their coach when i'm in des moines this weekend, and hopefully get that all straightened out...but i'll definitely miss my old team a lot. i'll be back to see everyone, of course, and judge a scrimmage if there's one going on when i'm in town to visit, but i won't be with chicago every day. that'll take a lot of getting used to, once i'm gone...

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