Wednesday, April 27, 2005

i was reading savage love this's all about readers' advice for fifteen year old girls trying to find guys. one of the pieces of advice was so amazingly on-point that i'm going to post it here...i'm shocked it didn't make it into the column proper, but only into the web link to "more advice". it's some of the best, most common-sense sex advice i've ever read.

"My daughter, who is also 15, has finally developed a social life. Nothing much is going on; she's still wearing her retainer, and she usually goes out with groups of kids instead of individual ones. But boys are looming on the horizon. Your question "What do you know now that you wish you knew when you were 15?" made me sit down and write my 10 Rules down for her and all the other girls out there. Here they are:

1) Sex is just like eating, breathing, peeing, or anything else your body does, except more fun.
2) If you're not having fun, stop.
3) Porn isn't reality, it's show business.
4) Its okay to enjoy sex with someone you're not in love with, but don't count on sex to make someone like you more.
5) Love isn't what you think.
6) Nobody's perfect.
7) Relax.
8) Drunk/stoned/impaired/coerced/unprotected sex is stupid.
9) If you do it in my bed, I will kill you.
10) If you do it without rubbers, I might not have to kill you. Oh. And...
11) Keep your hair off of your forehead, you have such pretty eyes.
Your Loving Mom"

if only all moms were as open and awesome as this one.

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