Thursday, April 14, 2005

i just got the most demented idea for a children's book. :D (and by children's book...i mean a children's-book-length mockery of a colossal asshat.)

on another topic, last night ruled. i thought it was going to be awful...since i clocked in at leona's at 6:30, but didn't get a table to wait until 7:20. but, then my manager gave me and another waitress bottles of wine, just randomly, because we were being good servers. yay for unexpected bonuses...especially ones that can get me drunk. :) then, i started getting lots of tables...the waiters were all just seating people in my section. it was busy, but no one was really mean to me. i even had this one party of eight...they were kind of demanding (as large parties at restaurants tend to be), but they were really nice about everything...and they tipped me almost double the automatic gratuity (which is 17% to begin with). that was really awesome. so, all in all, last night rocked.

today rocks, too. i got my hair cut after work. it's happy and short again. :) i missed my short hair...

another complete one-eighty...the CTA voted on their cost-cutting scheme last night. they did a service cut--what i did not want them to do (i wanted a fare increase)--although the worst of it on my end, personally, was avoided. they're not raising fares if you use the chicago card, only if you use cash (or the magnetic-strip cards on rail...). (i guess this means i should get a chicago card, on the chance that i'm still living here july 17th...although i guess i probably won't be since my lease is up june 15th.) they'll be doing a modified sunday schedule, so the waits will be a lot longer...they'll also be cutting 54 bus routes. the 6, the bus i most often use to get downtown, is not one of them--thank goodness...although they are cutting the X55, which i take rather frequently, and the 2, which i take occasionally and really, really like. still, the red and blue lines will run 24 hours. i'm at least happy about that, since i was worried about how i'd get home from other parts of town if the red line wasn't running late at night.

anyway, here is the list of the buses they're cutting:

1 Indiana-Hyde Park
2 Hyde Park Express
X3 King Drive Express
X4 Cottage Grove Express
7 Harrison
17 Westchester
19 United Center Express
24 Wentworth
25 West Cermak
26 South Shore Express
X28 Stony Island Express
37 Sedgwick/Ogden
39 Pershing
48 South Damen
49A South Western
X49 Western Express
53AL South Pulaski Limited
54A North Cicero/Skokie Blvd.
55A 55th/Austin
55N 55th/Narragansett
X55 Garfield Express
56A North Milwaukee
59 59th/61st
62H Archer/Harlem
64 Foster-Canfield
69 Cumberland/East River
85A North Central
86 Narragansett/Ridgeland
90N North Harlem
93 California/Dodge
96 Lunt
100 Jeffery Manor Express
108 Halsted/95th
120 NW/Wacker Express
121 Union/Wacker Express
122 Illinois Center/NW Express
123 Illinois Center/Union Express
125 Water Tower Express
127 NW/Madison
129 West Loop/South Loop
130 Grant Park Treasures
134 Stockton/LaSalle Express
135 Clarendon/LaSalle Express
136 Sheridan/LaSalle Express
143 Stockton/Michigan Express
144 Marine/Michigan Express
148 Clarendon/Michigan Express
156 LaSalle
157 Streeterville
165 West 65th
200 Main Shuttle
201 Central Ridge
205 Chicago/Golf
206 Evanston Circulator

most of them are express buses...which, although they don't really affect me (since i both live and work in hyde park), it'll make life suck a lot for commuters. i can imagine that a lot of people are really, really angry about that...just as i'm angry enough about losing the X55 and the 2...and angry enough that on the modified sunday schedule, i'm probably not going to be able to get on the 6 sometimes at all if i board by jackson or van buren (as opposed to now, when it's just incredibly packed when i board it down there), because it's running less often. the 6 will also not run past 10pm...meaning that i'm stuck waiting for the 55 pretty much any night i want to go downtown or to the north side to do anything. the 55, which is already spotty enough at nights, will run even less often, although it will still be running 24 hours a day.

this is a pain in the butt. i wish they had just done fare increases...although i guess i have very little room to talk, as i'm moving to st. louis so soon anyway. but, i'm a transit nerd, i'm kind of obsessed with the CTA. what can i say? i'm heartbroken to see all these routes go...and i'm mad that the freedom to get around the city from hyde park has been constrained like this. it's not as bad as it could have been...but it's still just plain bad.

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