Saturday, April 30, 2005

i have a place to live this summer...yay!!! :D it's nice, and cheap, and furnished, and even has drapes over the windows!! it's also an east-facing it'll be comparably cool in the afternoon. (having lived in an east-facing sunroom two summers ago, i know this fact.) plus, i met some of the roommates, who seem cool. and, there are cute cats. two of them...i like cute cats.

so relieved to have found a place for the summer, and a nice cheap one to boot.

other than that...nothing too spectacular going on. i worked a close last night at leona's...and the restaurant was pretty dead, so i didn't make all that much money. that's sad, given that the only reason friday and saturday nights are really worth working is because the restaurant is usually busy and i'd make money. i need to start working 4:30's and 5:30's on fridays and saturdays instead of 6:30's...given that 6:30's probably catch just the end of the dinner rush. maybe today will be better, though...i am working a 6:30 again, but we'll see.

tomorrow will be awesome, awesome, awesome. it's the first day in almost two weeks that i won't have to work either of my jobs. real life comes back to bite me in the butt on monday, as i have to work both of them, but oh well...tomorrow will be awesome.

other than that, nothing new to report. i'm boring like that...having two jobs will do that to you.

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