Monday, April 04, 2005

at least mock trial national championships are this weekend. des moines is always the funnest tournament of the year...and this year, i have a funny feeling it'll be no exception. :)

but first, i have a long week to get through. i worked at the library from 9-5 today, and have to be back from 9-2 tomorrow and 9-5 wednesday. i wouldn't have to work tomorrow at all, but i stayed home sick on friday because my throat was killing me. i'm still sick as a dog, but i have to do the hours before des moines...grrr...

i also have to swing by leona's tonight or tomorrow to check the new schedule...i signed up to work a shift thursday morning, and i have to see if i in fact get assigned a thursday morning shift. i kinda hope i do in the sense that it will be extra cash for des moines, but i kinda don't look forward to having no days to sleep in this week before we leave. eh well...we'll see what happens.

mock trial is scrimmaging tomorrow...and i get to play a witness. not only do i get to play a witness, i get to play the stupidest witness ever--emile chadman. :) we need to give our attorneys practice in dealing with her i'm getting together to write a chadman direct tonight at dinner. right now, though, i'm coming up with a fun middle name for that assured it's going to be a silly joke about how dumb the witness is. i think i've settled on it...but if you want to know what it is, you have to come to the scrimmage...or at least read my blog after the scrimmage. :) i don't want to spill the beans now.

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