Wednesday, April 13, 2005


apparently the CTA is voting tonight on which plan of fare increases and/or service cuts they will implement.

one of them, the service cut plan that does not raise fares, involves cutting the 6. that's right...cutting the 6, the jackson park express, the bus we use to go downtown.

other plans involve cutting the frequency and hours of the 6, and cutting the frequency of the 55. the 55 would still run all night...but that would be absolutely useless for getting home from downtown, as almost all of the plans involve cutting the red line down from 24 hours to running only from 4am to 1am. that's bad, as it leaves me very few ways to get home from downtown if i'm out late. i'm going to have to start taking the 29 to the 55, or the 4 to the 55. i'll do it if it means not paying an arm and a leg for a cab...but i'm not looking forward to it.

the fare increases are enormous, but at least the fare increase plan keeps 24 hour red and blue line service. here's hoping they implement the pure fare increase that does not cut service anywhere or at any time. i'd hate to see my freedom to move around be cut away by this.

the CTA is one of the reasons i love this city so much...and if they're going to cut it out from under me like this, make the transit here as bad as it was in washington, dc the summer i lived's going to break my heart.

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