Saturday, April 30, 2005

i have a place to live this summer...yay!!! :D it's nice, and cheap, and furnished, and even has drapes over the windows!! it's also an east-facing it'll be comparably cool in the afternoon. (having lived in an east-facing sunroom two summers ago, i know this fact.) plus, i met some of the roommates, who seem cool. and, there are cute cats. two of them...i like cute cats.

so relieved to have found a place for the summer, and a nice cheap one to boot.

other than that...nothing too spectacular going on. i worked a close last night at leona's...and the restaurant was pretty dead, so i didn't make all that much money. that's sad, given that the only reason friday and saturday nights are really worth working is because the restaurant is usually busy and i'd make money. i need to start working 4:30's and 5:30's on fridays and saturdays instead of 6:30's...given that 6:30's probably catch just the end of the dinner rush. maybe today will be better, though...i am working a 6:30 again, but we'll see.

tomorrow will be awesome, awesome, awesome. it's the first day in almost two weeks that i won't have to work either of my jobs. real life comes back to bite me in the butt on monday, as i have to work both of them, but oh well...tomorrow will be awesome.

other than that, nothing new to report. i'm boring like that...having two jobs will do that to you.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

i have the sudden urge to go play whirlyball.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

i was reading savage love this's all about readers' advice for fifteen year old girls trying to find guys. one of the pieces of advice was so amazingly on-point that i'm going to post it here...i'm shocked it didn't make it into the column proper, but only into the web link to "more advice". it's some of the best, most common-sense sex advice i've ever read.

"My daughter, who is also 15, has finally developed a social life. Nothing much is going on; she's still wearing her retainer, and she usually goes out with groups of kids instead of individual ones. But boys are looming on the horizon. Your question "What do you know now that you wish you knew when you were 15?" made me sit down and write my 10 Rules down for her and all the other girls out there. Here they are:

1) Sex is just like eating, breathing, peeing, or anything else your body does, except more fun.
2) If you're not having fun, stop.
3) Porn isn't reality, it's show business.
4) Its okay to enjoy sex with someone you're not in love with, but don't count on sex to make someone like you more.
5) Love isn't what you think.
6) Nobody's perfect.
7) Relax.
8) Drunk/stoned/impaired/coerced/unprotected sex is stupid.
9) If you do it in my bed, I will kill you.
10) If you do it without rubbers, I might not have to kill you. Oh. And...
11) Keep your hair off of your forehead, you have such pretty eyes.
Your Loving Mom"

if only all moms were as open and awesome as this one.
this is a question someone asked in the car on the way home from des moines two weeks ago, something we all answered...and it was a question (or, i guess, a series of two questions...) i find interesting and thought provoking. i'm curious as to what all of your answers are...i'm posting mine here.

what are your three favourite books of all time? also, what three books would you take onto a desert island, the only three books you'd ever be able to read again?

my three favourites (kind of self-explanatory...i think these are great pieces of literature, i connected with them on an emotional level, and i did not want them to end when i read them):
--notes from underground by fyodor dostoevsky
--the dollmaker by harriette arnow
--the corrections by jonathan franzen

the three i'd take to a desert island:
--notes from underground by fyodor dostoevsky (it's a book i love to read over and over's interesting, it's a seamless mix of fiction and philosophy, and it's the ultimate Don't Be This whom i see way too much of myself.)
--sideways stories from wayside school by louis sachar (it's my favourite children's amused me to no end when i was in elementary school, and it still does so today. i read that book at least every couple of copy is almost worn out. i read it more frequently today than i even did when i was a child.)
--common sense by thomas paine (part 2 is kind of off the deep end, i'm not a huge fan of the nitpicky bible critique...but part 1 is pure genius, something i read over and over again, and still find both thought-provoking and comforting. in that i believe that God intervenes sometimes in daily life, i'm not quite a deist like paine was, but part 1 of common sense is still the closest thing i have to a personal religious text.)

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

the t-mobile network is down, so i can't use my cell phone.

the battery died on the land line phone, so i can't use that either.

i had to cut my phone call with my boyfriend short tonight.

sad, sad, sad. :(

Sunday, April 24, 2005

not much to blog about lately, as i've just been working, working, working. that's what two jobs does to you...i don't know when the next day will be that i'm not working one job or the other. i miss my free days, days when i don't have to put on pants...

work's been going alright this weekend, though. the last three days at leona's have been pretty overly obnoxious tables, decent well as i can ask them to go. last night all my tables tipped me AMAZINGLY well...although i didn't have that many tables since the restaurant was dead, i made a lot of money given how many tables i had.

last night was also spirits of amta...the mock trial party. it was amazing...although i got drunker than i had any business getting. i don't remember the end of the party very well at all...i don't remember walking home although i was apparently talking to my boyfriend the whole way...i woke up this morning to realise i had puked in my sheets (EEEEWWWW...)...which was ridiculous, as i had just yesterday taken my sheets to the laundromat to get washed. today i had to do it again. i guess not eating dinner before the party was a poor idea, and the five chips and two brownies i had at the party weren't enough to stave off massive inebriation. at least the party was wonderful...most of the mockers came, and there was lots of chatting, drinking, dancing, and beer pong. i know i'm a huge nerd...but i love mock trial parties to no end.

i made a decision today...i'm going to stay in chicago this summer. i was deciding between that and moving to st. louis for the summer...but it came down to the fact that i have two jobs here, and none right now in st. louis. i need the assured money so i can pay everyone who needs to be paid, have enough money for the move, and have enough money to live on. i really want to be in st. louis so i can see my boyfriend and get acquainted with the area, but it's just not going to happen until august. i'm going to go to one of the housing days, pick out an apartment then, and plan on moving to st. louis probably the beginning of august. during the summer, i'm just going to keep doing what i'm doing currently...i.e. barcode books and wait tables. boring...but it's steady income, which is what i need right now.

uggghhhh...should go to bed soon. it's only midnight now, but i'm still so sleep-deprived, and i have to get up at 10:45 or so, since i have to be at leona's at 11:30. 11:30 kinda sucks because you get cut early usually, but at least it's monday lunch...quite a few businesspeople, and good tips. also have to go to the bank...need to deposit my last paycheck and some cash at the bank, so it drops into my account for me to pay wash u. my first deposit is due may first. this one's not bad, two hundred bucks...the real kicker is june 1st, when i have to pony up my second deposit of four hundred bucks. i'll have it...but that's a lot of freaking money.

speaking of wash u, they need to send me my aid package. i would really like that information.

Friday, April 22, 2005

i miss my boyfriend so much. :(

Thursday, April 21, 2005

"paperthin hymn"
by anberlin

when your only friends are hotel rooms
hands are distant lullabies
if i could turn around i would tonight
these roads never seemed so long
since your paper heart stopped beating
leaving me suddenly alone
will daybreak ever come

who's gonna call on sunday morning
who's gonna drive you home
i just want one more chance
to put my arms in fragile hands
i thought you said forever
over and over
a sleepless night becomes bitter oblivion
these thoughts run through my head
over and over
complaints of violins
become my only friends

august evenings
bring solemn warnings
to remember to kiss the ones you love goodnight
you never know what temporal days may bring
so laugh love live free and sing
when life is in dischord
praise ye the lord

who's gonna call on sunday morning
who's gonna drive you home
i just want one more chance
to put my arms in fragile hands
i thought you said forever
over and over
the sleepless night becomes bitter oblivion
these thoughts run through my head
over and over
complaints of violins
become my only friends

i thought you said forever
over and over
the sleepless night becomes bitter oblivion
these thoughts run through my head
over and over
complaints of violins
become my only friends

i thought you said forever
over and over
these thoughts run through my head
the summer after my sophomore year of high school, i was a bona fide surge addict. surge was all i drank.

i haven't seen it, much less drank it, since junior or senior year.

today i found this: a website full of people who absolutely love surge!

save surge! put it back on grocery shelves!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

so, as of yesterday we have a new pope. i'm not catholic (or christian, or a member of any organized faith), but i've been paying attention. it's cardinal joseph ratzinger...or pope benedict xvi, as he's now known. he's a rather hard-line, conservative, "traditional" catholic. that disappoints me a lot, even though it's probably not my place.

people are afraid that this new, conservative pope is going to make the catholic church even more conservative...i kind of tend to doubt that. i don't think there's going to be a huge difference in the direction the church takes during benedict xvi's papacy compared to john paul ii's...but i think that's the problem, and that's why i'm disappointed.

i held out some hope that there would be a more progressive pope...and now that hope is dashed. in the back of my mind, i did have a sliver of hope that there would be a pope more open on issues like homosexuality, women in the clergy, birth control, abortion...just because there are so many catholics in the world, and i think that a more progressive pope would do at least something to make people more tolerant. i don't know the viewpoints of all the cardinals in the college...but i'd hope there's at least a few who would be fine with opening up a discussion on any or all of those issues. i wouldn't expect a pope to change the church's stance overnight...but even opening up a discussion would encourage more openmindedness. that's really all i feel i can realistically ask for, for now.

maybe next papacy.

Monday, April 18, 2005

today was amazing. all my tables at leona's loved me and left me lots of money...then i went to a baseball game with some of my friends. it was the first baseball game i've been to this season...and it's an amazing feeling. :) to top it all off, the white sox won the game.

finally, an awesome day, after a couple of absolute duds. i love it.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

i'm not dead...i'm just stressed and going nuts. :(

i just want law school to start right this second.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

i just got the most demented idea for a children's book. :D (and by children's book...i mean a children's-book-length mockery of a colossal asshat.)

on another topic, last night ruled. i thought it was going to be awful...since i clocked in at leona's at 6:30, but didn't get a table to wait until 7:20. but, then my manager gave me and another waitress bottles of wine, just randomly, because we were being good servers. yay for unexpected bonuses...especially ones that can get me drunk. :) then, i started getting lots of tables...the waiters were all just seating people in my section. it was busy, but no one was really mean to me. i even had this one party of eight...they were kind of demanding (as large parties at restaurants tend to be), but they were really nice about everything...and they tipped me almost double the automatic gratuity (which is 17% to begin with). that was really awesome. so, all in all, last night rocked.

today rocks, too. i got my hair cut after work. it's happy and short again. :) i missed my short hair...

another complete one-eighty...the CTA voted on their cost-cutting scheme last night. they did a service cut--what i did not want them to do (i wanted a fare increase)--although the worst of it on my end, personally, was avoided. they're not raising fares if you use the chicago card, only if you use cash (or the magnetic-strip cards on rail...). (i guess this means i should get a chicago card, on the chance that i'm still living here july 17th...although i guess i probably won't be since my lease is up june 15th.) they'll be doing a modified sunday schedule, so the waits will be a lot longer...they'll also be cutting 54 bus routes. the 6, the bus i most often use to get downtown, is not one of them--thank goodness...although they are cutting the X55, which i take rather frequently, and the 2, which i take occasionally and really, really like. still, the red and blue lines will run 24 hours. i'm at least happy about that, since i was worried about how i'd get home from other parts of town if the red line wasn't running late at night.

anyway, here is the list of the buses they're cutting:

1 Indiana-Hyde Park
2 Hyde Park Express
X3 King Drive Express
X4 Cottage Grove Express
7 Harrison
17 Westchester
19 United Center Express
24 Wentworth
25 West Cermak
26 South Shore Express
X28 Stony Island Express
37 Sedgwick/Ogden
39 Pershing
48 South Damen
49A South Western
X49 Western Express
53AL South Pulaski Limited
54A North Cicero/Skokie Blvd.
55A 55th/Austin
55N 55th/Narragansett
X55 Garfield Express
56A North Milwaukee
59 59th/61st
62H Archer/Harlem
64 Foster-Canfield
69 Cumberland/East River
85A North Central
86 Narragansett/Ridgeland
90N North Harlem
93 California/Dodge
96 Lunt
100 Jeffery Manor Express
108 Halsted/95th
120 NW/Wacker Express
121 Union/Wacker Express
122 Illinois Center/NW Express
123 Illinois Center/Union Express
125 Water Tower Express
127 NW/Madison
129 West Loop/South Loop
130 Grant Park Treasures
134 Stockton/LaSalle Express
135 Clarendon/LaSalle Express
136 Sheridan/LaSalle Express
143 Stockton/Michigan Express
144 Marine/Michigan Express
148 Clarendon/Michigan Express
156 LaSalle
157 Streeterville
165 West 65th
200 Main Shuttle
201 Central Ridge
205 Chicago/Golf
206 Evanston Circulator

most of them are express buses...which, although they don't really affect me (since i both live and work in hyde park), it'll make life suck a lot for commuters. i can imagine that a lot of people are really, really angry about that...just as i'm angry enough about losing the X55 and the 2...and angry enough that on the modified sunday schedule, i'm probably not going to be able to get on the 6 sometimes at all if i board by jackson or van buren (as opposed to now, when it's just incredibly packed when i board it down there), because it's running less often. the 6 will also not run past 10pm...meaning that i'm stuck waiting for the 55 pretty much any night i want to go downtown or to the north side to do anything. the 55, which is already spotty enough at nights, will run even less often, although it will still be running 24 hours a day.

this is a pain in the butt. i wish they had just done fare increases...although i guess i have very little room to talk, as i'm moving to st. louis so soon anyway. but, i'm a transit nerd, i'm kind of obsessed with the CTA. what can i say? i'm heartbroken to see all these routes go...and i'm mad that the freedom to get around the city from hyde park has been constrained like this. it's not as bad as it could have been...but it's still just plain bad.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


apparently the CTA is voting tonight on which plan of fare increases and/or service cuts they will implement.

one of them, the service cut plan that does not raise fares, involves cutting the 6. that's right...cutting the 6, the jackson park express, the bus we use to go downtown.

other plans involve cutting the frequency and hours of the 6, and cutting the frequency of the 55. the 55 would still run all night...but that would be absolutely useless for getting home from downtown, as almost all of the plans involve cutting the red line down from 24 hours to running only from 4am to 1am. that's bad, as it leaves me very few ways to get home from downtown if i'm out late. i'm going to have to start taking the 29 to the 55, or the 4 to the 55. i'll do it if it means not paying an arm and a leg for a cab...but i'm not looking forward to it.

the fare increases are enormous, but at least the fare increase plan keeps 24 hour red and blue line service. here's hoping they implement the pure fare increase that does not cut service anywhere or at any time. i'd hate to see my freedom to move around be cut away by this.

the CTA is one of the reasons i love this city so much...and if they're going to cut it out from under me like this, make the transit here as bad as it was in washington, dc the summer i lived's going to break my heart.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

so, we've been back from des moines since sunday night. it was, in a word, awesome. i am unbelievably proud of team death...they finished third, with a 6-2 record. they also won the spirit of amta award...with a crazy-high 28 ranks (out of 30). chris won an all-american witness award, and sarah won an all-american attorney award. all in amazing weekend.

on the not-so-mock related side, i also had lots and lots of fun. i got to see my boyfriend, which always makes me really, really happy. (i can't believe it's been a year since we got together in des moines last year!!! scary...) he wore his suit to the rounds, and he looks really good in it... :)

thursday night was awesome...we didn't get into des moines until about 1:30 in the morning. i went in, dropped my stuff, and hung out with my boyfriend for a while. but, he had to go to bed early since his team was scrimmaging at nine the next morning. we were instead of being a responsible little mock coach and going to bed, i walked through the skywalk (i love the des moines skywalk!!! and it's open all night!!!) over to another hotel and got quite inebriated with some of the perjurers who were in town. that was great fun...and there are pictures!

friday i slept until almost noon, and then we had the afternoon to chill...given that registration wasn't until 3. i spent most of that afternoon hanging out with my boyfriend some more. :) there was the opening ceremony at 4...which was long, since they did most of the speeches there instead of at the closing ceremony. i heart, heart, heart julia tarver...she was awesome. but, the ceremony was run by don racheter. i don't like listening to don racheter. he isn't fun to listen to like brad bloch. brad bloch is quirky. don racheter is just bitter and unpleasant.

friday night i watched the round between mac and maryland...and it was one of the best mock trial rounds i ever saw. it was the way a des moines caliber mock trial round should be. just...amazing. after the round friday, we went back to the hotel, played some poker, and hit the snooze. it was pretty low-key...and it was good.

saturday we were in rounds all day... saturday morning my boyfriend accompanied me and we watched team death against penn state, and in the afternoon i went over to the tarver division to watch his old team, kansas, against tennessee. it was kind of nerve-racking watching my own team in competition in des moines, but they held their own. they dropped both ballots in the round i watched them in...which was a little sad and a little confusing, but we clearly rebounded, they didn't know their record until their 6-2 was announced on sunday. :)

after rounds on saturday, there was much fun hanging out. the student reception was that night...i wasn't there for all that long, but it was nice to run around there and see lots of people. they took the dart board away, though, which made me really sad. :( after that, we went to raccoon river for dinner (yummy house-brewed beers are happy!), and then hit the hot tub and swimming pool. not only is the des moines marriott the nicest hotel we stay at all year...but it has the best pool and hot tub of any of them.

sunday the round started so, so early. i went to go watch wash u and northwestern fourth round, since i wanted to talk to their coach some more--i'm planning on being a coach there next year when i'm in law school. it was a good round--albeit a weird one, as northwestern called dehnert, cotone, and mauldin. as wash u's defense lineup was siegfried, leo, and kaplan...there was no eyewitness whatsoever in that round. i wasn't a big fan of it, i thought having an entire trial without talking about tire irons made it a pure battle of the doctors, and completely depersonalized everything mauldin could was dull in practice, although interesting theoretically, to see how it would work.

after fourth round was the awards ceremony...which was happy, given all the awards we won. :) there were lots of fun pictures taken...and then we went home. the way home was lots of fun, between dinner at the iowa 80 kitchen (i HEART that truck stop!!!) and a trip to the lion's den (a roadside porn shop). the lion's den was funny, especially because it had two items we could easily link to mock trial. the less funny of the two was a porn video called "18 holes...passion on the green", which had a guy standing with six girls on a golf course. the even funnier one was a fake hand and arm called "jerkin' the gherkin"...apparently for men who are too lazy to jerk themselves off, although any masturbation product that reminds us of our favourite forensic economist would be hilarious to buy if it weren't fifty bucks.

all in was an amazing weekend. it was a fun trip to have as my last as a chicago mock trial coach, and i couldn't be prouder of our program.
i found the greatest thing ever.

and now, one of the greatest speeches in movie history.

BEAVIS: Hey wait a minute. What's going on? Why are we getting back on the bus?

OLD GUY: It's time to go son.

BEAVIS: We can't leave! We never met that chick! Dammit!!! We were supposed to get some!

BUTT-HEAD: Huh huh huh. Settle down Beavis.

BEAVIS: Oh yeah,...I mean no. NO! I won't settle down! Not this time!... Dammit, this always happens! I think I'm gonna score and then I never score! It's not fair! We've traveled a hundred miles 'cause we thought we were gonna score, but now it's not gonna happen!

BUS DRIVER: Hey buddy, sit down! Now!

BEAVIS: SHUT UP! I'm sick and tired of this! We're never gonna score! It's just not gonna happen! We're just gonna get old like these people, but they've probably scored!

BUS DRIVER: Hey! I'm warning you! Sit down!

BEAVIS: It's like this chick's a slut... and look at this guy! He's old but he's probably scored a million times!

OLD GUY: Ohh yeah.

BEAVIS: But not us! We're never gonna score! WE'RE NEVER GONNA SCORE!!! AAGGHHHH!!!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

i've been so much more productive this week than i have been in forever, probably since i stopped going to school. i was at work at the library monday, tuesday, and wednesday. i finished all my taxes and financial aid forms. i did my laundry, cleaned my room, and packed for des moines. now, all i have to do is be a bum tonight, go to work at leona's tomorrow at 11:30, and then it's off to des moines.

i can't wait to go to des moines. it's the mock trial national championships, and i'm hoping team death mocks well. (screw march madness...the big dance is, in fact, in des moines this weekend!!!) on top of that, my boyfriend is going to be there. :) i haven't seen him in about three and a half weeks, so i'm really, really looking forward to that. it's also (crazy as it sounds) a huge, huge social event of sorts...i get to see lots of mockers that i've either met along the way, or have talked to on perjuries but haven't yet met. it'll just be a really fun weekend...not a lot of down time, but i wouldn't give it up for anything.

it's so strange to think that this will definitely be my last tournament as a coach here at chicago. i started preparing myself for that thought at richmond, since that could have easily been the last, but there was definitely that part of me that thought that it wouldn't be the last, that i'd have one more, that i'd have des moines. that turned out to happen. but, no matter how well we do this weekend, this will be my last tournament coaching here. i'm really, really excited to coach at wash u...but i know it will be different. it will be completely new people, and probably a completely different atmosphere. i'm going to talk to their coach when i'm in des moines this weekend, and hopefully get that all straightened out...but i'll definitely miss my old team a lot. i'll be back to see everyone, of course, and judge a scrimmage if there's one going on when i'm in town to visit, but i won't be with chicago every day. that'll take a lot of getting used to, once i'm gone...

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

i had the most amusing exchange with a mocker last night.

him: "i have no desire to look at porn...i've gone entire days without thinking about sex."
me: "man, i can't go an hour without thinking about sex."
him: "nicky?!?!?!?!"
me: "tell me you're surprised..."
him: "of course i'm not...but that's cumulative!!! that's asked and answered!!!"
me: "it's a waste of time?"
him: "yes!"

at which point we tried to recall the rule number for Waste Of Time.

(it's 403, by the way.)
yesterday was april 4th, 2005. that means a year ago yesterday was april 4th, 2004. april 4th, 2004 was a great, great day.

:) :) :)

Monday, April 04, 2005

at least mock trial national championships are this weekend. des moines is always the funnest tournament of the year...and this year, i have a funny feeling it'll be no exception. :)

but first, i have a long week to get through. i worked at the library from 9-5 today, and have to be back from 9-2 tomorrow and 9-5 wednesday. i wouldn't have to work tomorrow at all, but i stayed home sick on friday because my throat was killing me. i'm still sick as a dog, but i have to do the hours before des moines...grrr...

i also have to swing by leona's tonight or tomorrow to check the new schedule...i signed up to work a shift thursday morning, and i have to see if i in fact get assigned a thursday morning shift. i kinda hope i do in the sense that it will be extra cash for des moines, but i kinda don't look forward to having no days to sleep in this week before we leave. eh well...we'll see what happens.

mock trial is scrimmaging tomorrow...and i get to play a witness. not only do i get to play a witness, i get to play the stupidest witness ever--emile chadman. :) we need to give our attorneys practice in dealing with her i'm getting together to write a chadman direct tonight at dinner. right now, though, i'm coming up with a fun middle name for that assured it's going to be a silly joke about how dumb the witness is. i think i've settled on it...but if you want to know what it is, you have to come to the scrimmage...or at least read my blog after the scrimmage. :) i don't want to spill the beans now.
last night i dreamt that nathan and sean from the blank theory had died, and that's why the band had broken up and they had to form madina lake.

what a weird, sad dream. :(

Sunday, April 03, 2005

i had one table not tip me at all last night.

i dropped a plate of chicken parmigiana when it fell off the tray last night.

i had a table run out of the restaurant without paying their bill last night.

i was sick as a dog and losing my voice by 11pm last night.

i didn't clock out until 2am last night.

and i was back at leona's at 10am this morning for a staff meeting.

last night was the night from hell.

this morning was like getting kicked in the balls once, getting up, walking up to whoever kicked me in the balls, and saying "thank you, may i have another?"

i guess after so many decent days, i deserved that.