Thursday, March 17, 2005

well, there hasn't been so much to blog about these last few days. all i've done is work at the library, work on mock trial, and sleep.

we're leaving for richmond in 45 minutes. i'm nervous, but hoping my kids will all bring their a-games and we can kick lots and lots of butt there...maybe even take down a bid or two to des moines. :)

[random gloating]

change of topic, i'm so psyched...there have been eight games so far in the NCAA tournament--and guess who's picked all eight of them right? yup, me! i picked milwaukee...i picked pacific...bow down!!!

[/random gloating]

well...i'm still at the law school, but i should probably head down to the reynolds club. i don't want to be late to meet up with all the mockers and go on our super duper road trip!!! :)

wish us luck!!!

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