Saturday, March 26, 2005

this whole terri schiavo thing is insane.

my personal principle on the matter:

if someone has a living will, follow it. that's their wish and choice, follow it.

if someone does not have a living will, keep them plugged in. death is irrevocable; there's always a chance they'll wake up, no matter how minute, if they are alive. if there is no substantive word to say pull the plug, don't. it doesn't sit well with me to let family, friends, parents, courts, or anyone make the choice to die.

i respect people's wishes to choose either way. me, if i were in that same situation, i'd want to stay on life support. i'm too afraid of dying to let go, or have someone else let go for me. but, i respect people's choices either way--as long as we know it's their choice.

in other words...if you want them to pull the plug, write it down. if you don't, write it down because it avoids hassle...but i think people should get heroic measures and life support unless otherwise noted.

and, on another note, i think it's sad that this issue has become a religious, polarizing issue. it's shameful enough that her case has become so publicized. but, since it has been publicized...i think it would be so much saner if the media treated it as an issue of the importance of drafting that living will--no more, no less. all of these parallels to hot-button issues (like people linking it to abortion...give me a break!) and religious's ludicrous.

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