Tuesday, March 01, 2005

a meme...it's going around, and i think it's a fun one. :)

ten things i've done that you probably haven't:

1) walked into the smurfit-stone building downtown while dressed as a human-sized penis, and gotten kicked out by the security guard
2) gotten hate mail from someone in my soc class because i was That Guy, and talked too much
3) gone to an angie aparo concert in a formal dress and a blue wig
4) had a job writing for a paper at the age of 14...and got laid off when the paper went under
5) dressed up as a fuzzy blue wildcat--my high school's mascot--at three years' worth of football games
6) watched part of the main event of the world series of poker live, in person, in vegas
7) walked from brighton park to bridgeport drunk as a skunk at three in the morning
8) had two random people on greyhound buses assume i was a mother--despite knowing i was only 22
9) take the AP physics C test despite the fact i had never taken a calc-based physics class...and score a 4 on both parts
10) hold a walther ppk at a gun show just because it was the murder weapon in a mock trial case

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